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Shhhh. You hear that? That's the sound of PNW influencers footsteps on the pavements as they RUSH to Seattle's newest museum, the Selfie Museum in Post Alley. The museum, which just opened this month, features 25 scenes in which attendees can snap poses at: a gum-ball machine wall, neon signs with sassy phrasing, plush donuts, a bathtub, banana room and swing set - you imagine it? It's probably there. All you need to have a good time in this museum is your phone, seriously. Ring lights are at each station for optimal lighting, and as long as you're there with a friend to hold your phone - your guaranteed great content for weeks. Tickets start at $29, more info <a href="" target="_blank">online</a>. (Image: Sunita Martini / Seattle Refined)

OMG! Seattle's Selfie Museum is an influencer's dream come true

Hey Gum Wall, we hate to burst your bubble...but Seattle has a brand new go-to spot for snapping that picture perfect selfie.

The Seattle Selfie Museum is literally dedicated to making your photo op - POP.

"We have two floors, so around ten installations on the first floor and about fifteen upstairs," explained manager Vasyl Kucherenko. "Plus, our staircase is also part of our artwork and what is a surprise for us - a lot of people taking pictures there as well."

Kucherenko says the museum is about much more than a bunch of backgrounds.

"It’s a mix between art museum and photo studio," he said. "So basically we try to take pictures to another level."

Included in the price of admission are countless opportunities to get creative. You can really have a ball here, or if you prefer, a wall (of gum ball machines). There's also a wall of giant donuts and another full of flowers.

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When it comes to taking that perfect image - nothing is off limits. Including the restroom!

"We thought - just [the] usual thing, or we actually can have it as something unique and special, and it seems like it’s worked out because a lot of people over there taking pictures!"

Just when you start thinking that you need to get over your selfie, there are even more swoon-worthy spots to explore.

We kind of went bananas upstairs on the banana swing in a small space covered in banana wallpaper. There's even an entire room full of colored orbs that's sure to light you up.

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If you're a fan of angel wings backgrounds, you'll literally be in heaven here, there are a few different options. And then there are all kinds of mind bending backgrounds where can look like you are upside down, even doing a handstand.

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So is there such a thing as too many selfies?

"Too many selfies probably for your phone, for your storage, but probably not for yourself," laughed Kucherenko.