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Seattle Refined host Gaard Swanon sits across from Michelle Stafford as he performs as an extra on the set of the 13 Emmy award-winning soap opera, General Hospital. (Sy Bean / Seattle Refined)

ICYMI: Our host Gaard Swanson was on General Hospital (!!!)

Seattle Refined was recently invited to the set of the biggest soap on television. That's right, we are talking about General Hospital! We didn't think it could get much cooler than that until the Executive Producer surprised Refined Host Gaard Swanson with a part in one of the the episodes - and LINES!

If you know our TV show, we know Gaard Swanson usually keeps his cool, but this rocked him.

"Okay, now I'm petrified! I'm nervous, I'm nervous... I am freaking out!" he joked.

His only lines were "Nina, nice running into you. Give my best to your family."

Easy right? Well, you better believe Gaard probably practiced those lines 100 times before it was go time on set. Could he pull it off?

Watch the build up to Gaard's big scene and his big moment in the clip above. Look ma, we made it!