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(Image courtesy of MYLLE and Manuela Insixiengmay)

Seattle woman creates fashionable inflatable pools

Gone are the days of having a baby blue plastic kiddie pool. It's time for fashionable inflatable pools!

Kris Myllenbeck, creator of MYLLE, designed these trendy pools to fit even in the smallest of homes, that double as a nice soaking area for the adults as well as the kids! Whether is a gals day with a 6 pack, or a kids day with some floaties - you gotta give these pools a try...before summer is over!

"We actually launched our first design last year and it sold out," Myllenbeck said, "That was our first inventory mismanagement and we get e-mails from people that [who] are so heartbroken every day about it."

But this year, she came prepared! There are now five designs to choose from. As for the success of these pools? No one is more surprised then Kris herself!

"The confident side wants to say, 'Of course, I knew this was missing from the market,' but then the realistic side is like 'I cant believe this is working!'"

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