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Willy Wonka Peeps.jpg
Willy Wonka Peeps (Image; Cristie Kearny)

These Peep Shows are turning the heads of neighbors (in a good way!)

Christie and James Kearny create weekly displays with marshmallow peeps to make their neighbors smile. Each show, starring a lineup of iconic characters.

"So, I just took all the books out and I was just standing there staring at it and I just had this idea," said Christie. "It was about Easter time, right. So, I just had this idea of doing a Peep Show."

From Super Peep to Jaws, to Wizard of Peeps - these shows are turning the heads of neighbors, who love the welcome distraction.

"Super Peep was good. Wizard of Peeps was good," said Christie. "We did a whole yellow brick road leading to it. And of course, Jaws."

"Yeah, Jaws has always been one of her favorites," added James.

"And I had to wait for to do it for Shark Week. They’re all book-based, and they’re books that I like and most of them have had movies made from them I usually do the scenes themselves based on the movies, it’s easier for me. I don’t have to be that creative. I can just copy what the movies do."

That's the reason they keep doing it.

"This is number 21. I’ve been doing this for 21 weeks. I sit in the living room sometimes and I watch people out here, children run to it. People take selfies. Everyone is happy and I just feel like it’s my call in life to make people smile."

It's not just the neighbors taking notice. Their little peep shows even got a shoutout from National Geographic, on how people in Seattle are creatively deadline with COVID.

As for their favorite display so far? No favorites here. It's really all about sending a little joy with a little peep show.