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Amala takes luxury skin care to a whole new level using natural and organic whole plant ingredients. (Image: Kristi Waite)

Oooh la la: the Amala facial

I have to admit, I wasn't sold on the idea that eco-friendly facial products would make any sort of difference to my skin. I also was pretty convinced that said products would look and smell like they were 'green'...aka, of kale and moss. To my surprise, Amala is nothing like I thought.

Natural skincare products are nothing new, but the philosophy behind Amala is compelling enough to make you reconsider your daily regimen. The name itself means "most pure" in Sanskrit. The products are organic, sustainably cultivated whole plant ingredients.

Pair them with a facial from the Spa at Four Seasons Seattle and you have absolute bliss. Amala products are used in many of the facial services at the Four Seasons but the service that was of particular interest to me was the Nourishing Facial. I requested all Amala products for the treatment (you can too).

My skin can be temperamental so I am cautious when trying new things or deviating from my regular skincare routine. Not only did the products feel great on my face, they smelled divine. I experienced very little redness or tenderness afterward and noticed a difference in my skin that lasted several days.

Four Seasons Seattle has been using Amala since 2010.

"We love their philosophy and believe in the products. They are gentle enough for all yet results oriented to target specific needs," said Christine Domenden, Lead Esthetician at the Four Seasons Seattle.

Amala carries six collections for your skin: the Hydrate Collection, the Rejuvenate Collection, the Soothe Collection, the Purify Collection, the Brighten Collection and the Detoxify Collection. All of these are available at the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Seattle for purchase and are used in their facial treatments. No other Seattle locations offer them for purchase, but - like everything else - you can find them online.

Social and economic responsibility do come at a price. Amala products range from $18 - $256. The bottom line is, if you care about your environment and your face, a nourishing facial should be added to your to-do list!