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OkCupid annouces 'Dater's Choice Awards' for Seattle (Image: Alexandra Celia)

OkCupid data shows 'Best Nerdy Pickup Spot' & more in first Dater's Choice Awards

Before you read any further - just know that there are some suggestive categories ahead, so consider yourself formally warned!

OkCupid crowd-sourced data from Seattle daters for their first annual "Dater's Choice Awards" with a plethora of categories that were dubbed fit by Seattle daters themselves. Categories include local restaurants, book stores, or bars that are Seattle date staples. Here's what they came up with from Seattle daters:

  • Dime Saver Destinations: Katsu Burger
  • Nerdy Pickup Spots: Cafe Mox
  • No-bro Sports Bars: Comet Tavern
  • Instagram Filtered Bars: Knee High Stocking Co
  • Classic Local Spots: The 5 Point Cafe
  • Well-Hidden Haunts: The Backdoor at Roxy’s
  • Boozy Date Spots: Radiator Whiskey
  • A**-Kicking Locales: Garage Billiards
  • Open-Air Options: Chuck’s Hop Stop
  • Intellectual Attractions: Elliott Bay Book Company

Agree? Disagree? The full breakdown is online.