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Spring, and cherry blossoms, will be showing their stuff soon enough! (Image: Seattle Refined)

PNW Spring Survival Guide: How To Wait Out The Rain

If you’re the kind of Seattleite I am, you may not mind the gray cloudy haze and sprinkling rain most of the year. However, this rainy season has felt uncharacteristically loooonng. Ok winter - we get it! The incessant showers showing no relief in sight, has got me in dire need of sun ASAP. While we’re stuck with our intensely pale skin and rain coats a little bit longer, I have put together a survival guide to help us all cope and get you ready for when the sun finally gets around to showing itself.

Outdoor Prep
Been dreaming about sipping coffee or eating dinner outside on the back deck? Take your focus off day-dreaming and put it into planning. The last thing you want to do on that first sunny day is spend it at Home Depot or Ikea getting those much needed tiki torches. Whether it’s a hammock, new BBQ, or that patio furniture you’ve been eyeing, make a list and get it now! Especially this time of year, you don’t know how long the sun will last so preparation is key to making sure you’re ready to not miss a minute of soaking up those rays.

Give Yourself a Glow
Sure, we know that tanning beds aren’t the best for your skin long-term but somehow, after getting blinded by my own translucent skin, I’m suddenly willing to take the risk. However, there are healthier options to get a sun-kissed look without the harmful rays. A good spray tan can do wonders if you’re getting into that bathing suit for the first time in a while or just need a quick glowing pick-me-up. Jergen’s Natural Glow is an excellent DIY option for home as well.

Pop Some Vitamin D
It’s no secret that us Pacific Nothwesterners are often deficient in Vitamin D. If you’ve been noticing a dip in your mood or that double cappuccino just isn’t giving you the boost you need, you may be low on Vitamin D. Even if a multi-vitamin is part of your daily routine, it might be a good idea to pop a couple extra Vitamin D supplements. According to WebMD (every doctor’s favorite website) and IOM, the recommended amount of daily Vitamin D is as follows:

  • Age 9-70: adequate intake, 600 IU/day; maximum safe upper level of intake, 4,000 IU/day

So make sure to vitamin up until you can get more of the real thing!

Happy Light
Another brilliant way to simulate sunshine and fight SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is the Verily HappyLight Energy Lamp. These lamps improve your mood and energy naturally just by being exposed to it! There’s also an alarm clock lamp that wakes you up naturally and gradually with artificial sunlight which means waking up less abruptly complete with energizing light exposure. Grab one of these lamps to keep at your desk, bedside table, or anywhere you need some extra dash of happy feelings.

Plan a Weekend Getaway Trip
As a last resort, if you’re desperate for sunshine, grab a buddy or significant other and take a weekend trip. Just a quick plane ride down to Cali, Mexico, or Vegas for a day or two could be just what you need to get your fix of warm weather and hold you over until we finally see the sun in Seattle. Track deals online with Orbitz for last minute low prices and when you’re ready to pull the trigger, just literally leave the rain behind.