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A new study says that Seattleites aren't very good at talking to their neighbors. (Image: Thinkstock)

New study says Seattleites are "joiners" but not "connectors"

The Seattle PI posted an interesting story this week on a new study from Seattle CityClub and the National Conference on Citizenship that says Seattle-area residents love volunteering and joining causes, but still have trouble interacting and connecting with people around them.

This 'Greater Seattle Civic Health Index' gave us a bunch of findings, some of which are great: Seattleites donate to charity at higher rates than the U.S. as a whole, people from here have greater confidence in their schools and corporations, and residents have higher than average levels of civic participation.

However, the study also shows that we don't do that great in communicating with each other. We ranked 48th among the 51 areas in "talking to neighbors", and had similarly low scores in "giving and receiving favors".

Is this the Seattle Freeze striking again? Definitely give the article a read, and then go talk to your neighbor about it.