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(Image: Salina Kaylor)

New Seattle studio is changing the fitness game

If I said I loved working out, that wouldn’t be completely true. I love the benefits of working out however, and with trendy and effective gym workouts that incorporate lighting, music, and inspiring instructors, it makes it a whole lot easier when you feel like an extra in an Usher video. There are tons of options to choose from, like gyms that focus on HIIT (high intensity interval training), cycling, or yoga, but I’ve found that when I want to incorporate all of these places into my workout routine, my bank account strongly disagrees with me.

Studio 3 in lower Queen Anne is THE answer to this problem. Not only do they have a platform that covers ALL of your fitness needs, you can work hard and recover well with their sister business, Celsius!

Rachel Felix, co-owner of Studio 3 (along with boyfriend, Kyle Anderson) was nice enough to give me the grand tour! With spacious and modern decor (including a living room in the lobby), you feel like you're stepping into a community of healthy and inspiring people from the minute you walk in. I’m a sucker for lighting and with each workout room being adorned with neon tubes, you can’t help but be in the mood to have some fun. Even if you’re sweating.

Our first stop was the Cycle Dome, a raised, theater-style cycling studio. The instructor rides on a stage in front of a wall of mirrors surrounded by electric pink neon tubes.

“We believe in the power of ambiance,” Felix said as she shows me around. “We want you to be able to dance, move, and feel the music - it’s whatever you want it to be.” With the room being so dark you are able to ride to the rhythm of the music without fear of people watching or competing with you. And there’s a giant dome above you which is just plain rad.

Next stop was the Strength Room. A huge space complete with rowers, TRX machines and free weights. Again, the room only lit with neon lighting gives you just enough visibility to correct your moves in the mirror, yet allows you to get totally lost in the workout.

The last stop was the Yoga Room where I’d be participating in their signature workout, the Shred. Y3 Shred is a 45-minute Pilates-inspired total-body workout that takes you through a variation of plyometrics, calisthenics, and endurance-based strength training. Shred is designed to lengthen, tone, and sculpt your muscles using resistance bands, dumbbells, and toning balls.

When I heard the room included infrared heat, I got pretty nervous simply because I went to a hot yoga class ONE time and vowed to never put myself through such a torturous experience again. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how tolerable and different this heat was.

“The infrared heats your body from the inside out as opposed to outside in,” said Felix. I didn’t fully understand what the difference was until I was in the studio. The heat made the workout more challenging and I was definitely losing more sweat, but it was never unbearable. Coming from an athletic background, yoga has never felt like a full-blown workout to me and I tend to disregard it. I was feeling fairly confident going in, but that class completely kicked my butt!! Not only did I feel my muscles burning from the resistance bands and weights but also got the relaxation and stretching that non-yoga goers tend to miss out on. It was the perfect little to no-impact class that truly was a combination of all of the best parts of similar workouts. Not to mention they have adorable little candles with your station's number on it to really set the mood.

I simply loved everything about it.

Another aspect that truly sets Studio 3 apart is their recovery options at their sister business Celsius located directly next door. Cryotherapy is probably their main attraction, but if you have a sore muscle, your body is overworked, or you just need to relax in their infrared sauna, this is the place to go. They even have the option to watch Netflix, listen to podcasts, and basically be entertained the entire time you’re unwinding and rebuilding.

I had the wonderful privilege to try not only Cryotherapy, but Normatec compression therapy on my legs as well. Prior to the shred class, Rachel bravely showed me how the cryotherapy tank worked by going before me. While she bounced around with a smile on her face, I figured this would be cake walk! Not so muchRachel was way tougher than me and I could only last 90 seconds out of the recommended 3 minutes at level one. I did however, feel very alert and refreshed as one of the side effects is endorphin release, and I slept amazingly well that night! At -250 degrees, Cryotherapy is great for joint pain, sore muscles, or injuries and if you’re training for a race or you’re pretty hard on your body throughout the week, this is a game changer in regards to recovery. For more information and/or to see footage of the studio and cryotherapy, I did a little vlog for you all!

After the shred class, I sat on a comfy recliner during my Normatec session, sipping peppermint tea and watching one of my favorite episodes of "The Office", while the Normatec compression sleeves massaged my tired legs. I felt a bit like the Michelin Man but it was so nice and relaxing, I could’ve cared less. It served as the perfect way to end my visit to Studio 3 and Celsius.

In a nutshell, instead of spending hundreds of dollars at multiple specialized studios, get more bang for your buck at Studio 3, since they can handle not only all your fitness needs and goals, but help keep your body healthy so you can reach them!

For more information on Studio 3 and Celsius, click here.