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Imagine this: going on a work trip or vacation and managing to stay on your health routine. BLASPHEMOUS, I KNOW (Image courtesy of EVEN Hotel).

New Seattle hotel is targeted to the traveling workout enthusiasts

Imagine this: going on a work trip or vacation and managing to stay on your health routine. BLASPHEMOUS, I KNOW.

If you are a health nut, a big traveler, or simply just like to keep active and eat well when you are away from the homestead, I have a feeling you've met your soul mate hotel - EVEN Hotel.

Opening their doors in April, EVEN Hotel is a health enthusiasts dream. The hotel not only offers a large gym with state of the art equipment, a restaurant that focuses on healthful and locally sourced fare with a variety of options and a marketplace where you can grab some delicious and healthy snacks - but here is where EVEN really out does its hospitality competitors.

Every room in the hotel has its very own workout equipment. Yep, you read that right.

In each room, there is workout equipment that is accompanied by personal training videos that have been provided by the hotel. There are videos tailored to the kind of specific workout you are looking for, whether it be cardio, strength training, stretching, etc.

They also offer different lengths of workout videos depending on how much time you have to workout. Five minutes, ten minutes, twenty - whatever suits your needs! For those hotel stayers who only have a few minutes to workout, or aren't big fans of the gym, working out in your room is a gift for the heavens.

If you want to ball out and go for the hotel suites - they have their very own workout bikes. I know, I was blown away.

So here is what sets EVEN Hotel apart. The concept has been designed on four pillars that focus on overall personal wellness:

  1. Eat Well: Their restaurant, Cork + Kale, focuses on locally sourced foods and delivering options that allow guests to stay on their routine.
  2. Rest Easy: Their beds and bedding have a cooling effect that reduces body temperature, allowing for deeper sleep.
  3. Keep Active: The large, state of the art gym, as well as the in room-workout gear.
  4. Stay productive: The design of the hotel lobby offers a flexible work space, an internet hub, and a beautiful courtyard with a BBQ and a lovely seating area.

I think this is such an incredible concept! I would like to consider myself someone who is pretty active and tries to eat well, so knowing that there are hotels that value this in their customers is pretty sweet. Anytime I book a hotel , I'm always sniffing out the gym situation so I can plan ahead. EVEN makes it so easy!

Seattle's EVEN Hotel is the ninth in the country and is located in South Lake Union at 527 Fairview Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109.