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New programs at Seattle Opera engage young performers

Every summer and fall, kids interested in singing, dancing and stage performance can enjoy several opportunities offered by Seattle Opera. Explore programming below and give your children a chance to hone their stage skills at an internationally acclaimed staple of the U.S. opera scene.

Opera Camps

In July, Seattle Opera offers three different four-day classes, each customized to kids in different age groups.

  • “Artful Explorers” gives kids in grades K-3 a chance to engage in energetic and interactive discovery. They’ll play with and learn about different musical instruments, experiment with vocal sounds and develop social and emotional awareness through character work. If your young one seems to have a penchant for performance, this camp is a wonderful opportunity to foster that natural talent.
  • “Maestros” is for kids in grades 4-6 who want to delve into song and storytelling, take artistic risks and grow as performers.
  • The Teen Music Theatre Workshop for kids in grades 7-12 is a full skill-building experience for new and veteran performers across acting, singing and dancing.

For parents who want to introduce their kids to the performing arts, and for kids who know they want to become better performers, these camps are a special opportunity to learn from the pros.

The Youth Opera Project

This fall will mark the debut of The Youth Opera Project. Presented by Seattle Opera and Seattle Public Theater, the project gives students ages 7-18 a chance to explore stagecraft, singing, acting, dancing and other disciplines. The 5-month program will culminate in the public performance of a real opera!

Professional teaching artists will instruct everyone within the age range who applies, regardless of their skill level or ability to pay. The performing arts are a powerful medium for expression, and part of Seattle Opera’s mission is making sure they’re accessible to everyone.

Different sub-groups in the program cater to different ages and skill levels, and there’s even a Teen Vocal Studio available for serious performers looking for instruction pre-college.

Seattle Opera believes that opera can draw our community together and, by fusing music and drama, create life-enhancing experiences that speak to peoples’ hearts and minds. To learn more about events, shows, clubs and other programs, visit