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FS Seattle Deluxe Elliott Bay Suite Living.jpg
Seattle Deluxe Elliott Bay Suite Living (Image courtesy of Four Seasons Seattle).

I didn't know luxury like this existed until my first Four Seasons experience

I don’t know how much you guys and gals out there know about me. I don’t know if this is the first article you’ve ever read with my name on the byline on this beautiful wonderful website where I live, or if this is the one millionth article you've seen from me.

Maybe you get my vibe, maybe you don’t. In every article I try to expose myself in a way that allows you to see me. To see my personality, my character, my humor, my sarcasm and jokes, etc.

With that said, if you know me (as much as you can know about a person from following their writing), you would probably understand the absolute thrill and joy (and imposter syndrome) I felt when I was asked to spend a night at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Seattle.

I've known a little hotel luxury in my life. Growing up my parents would ball out here and there on family vacations, but I’ve never, so far in my adult life, been bougie enough to treat myself to a hotel stay like the Four Seasons.

In fact, my editor literally told me before sending me out on my assignment (to stay a night at the Four Seasons and write about the newly renovated rooms) to “act like a 30 year old” because, well, I’m 24 - and my sense of humor can be crass and juvenile (but to be frank with you, I don’t think that will change at any age or stage of the game).

So I put my 30-year-old hat on, packed my bags, and invited my mother (again, if you’ve been around here you’d know that I bring my mom as my plus one to LITERALLY every assignment I’m sent on), and headed downtown to Four Seasons.

This was my experience.

Let me start out by saying - HOT DANG! That hotel smells amazing. See? I'm already not classy enough for this joint. That is the first sense that was titillated as I walked through the doors, while a gaggle of doormen held the oh-so-heavy doors open, welcoming me and such. The TREATMENT at this place!

After check-in, there were chocolate covered apples in the lobby, just sitting there looking sexy, as I waited for the elevator. Mine was dark chocolate covered with some sort of crumbled nuts on the outside. It was so amazing, I wanted to go back for a second helping but then I remembered that, for one night only - I was 30, and 30-year-olds know when to say no more chocolate covered apples.

Going into the room was a beautiful experience for me – they had fresh fruit waiting, which again, I promptly devoured, because HOTEL SNACKS ARE THE BEST SNACKS (I'm suddenly realizing that this article talks about food a lot, but hey, what can I say).

Now, I feel like I should mention again that I have never stayed at a Four Seasons before so I don’t know what their rooms looked like pre-renovation but I can confirm that I am obsessed post-renovation.

The carpets alone are enough to write a love song about. My guess is it would be like “Oooooh floofy carpet, so soft on my feet, ooooh floofy carpet, I’m so glad we got to meet.” They were so fluffy and squishy that walking in shoes would be sinful. I got up just to pace around and give myself a foot massage. It’s the small things, I guess.

The room is also newly adorned with this beautiful black, white and gray granite counter tops throughout the space. The headboards on the beds are upholstered with this fresh light brown leather to add some flare to the rooms.

Also, I feel like I need to mention - there are TVs in the bathroom mirrors. I REPEAT. I don’t know if this is a renovation thing, but having TV’s in the mirrors is freaking incredible. I watched the news as I powdered my nose and applied rouge while getting ready for work in the morning. What a miracle that was. I would never be late to work ever again!

Note to my boss: Sorry Britt - that’s usually why I'm running behind in the morning, because I’m watching Good Morning America and a cute actor is talking about his next big thing and I’m just swooning and drooling and cannot miss a single moment while this beautiful angel of a man speaks, you know what I’m saying? I’m so in love that I lose track of time!

I digress.

The best part of the entire Four Seasons experience was dining at Goldfinch Tavern. It was a special evening because my dad had just gotten back into town from being in Alaska for four months on a job, so we decided to have a family meal at the hotel restaurant. The Wynkoop clan is a package deal. My plus one usually means plus three. We're a unit.

We had the most delicious meal and the waiter even had one of the chefs write in chocolate “Welcome Back” on my dad's plate! Isn’t that sweet?!

The food was obviously outstanding and so were the cocktails. If you've never been - you need to go, like, yesterday. My favorite part of the meal? Their GIANT macarons for dessert. You get two of them and they are about the size of a human head. Ask me if I ate both... you know the answer.

After filling our bellies we retired to the hotel to engage SLEEP MODE. My favorite time of day. Can we just have a moment of silence for how comfy those beds are? Is it just me or is sleeping in a super comfy-good-smelling hotel bed the catalyst for a blissful nights sleep?

But wait - there's more.

Mom and I decided to treat ourselves the following morning to a massage at the spa. Spoiler alert – IT WAS AMAZING. Can this hotel do anything wrong?!

Huge shouts to my masseuse Hannah, who actually delivered the kind of pressure I wanted – whenever I’ve gotten a “firm” pressure massage in the past it’s been weak sauce. Hannah MESSED ME UP in the best way possible. I get super tense from stress and from sitting behind a computer all day so Hannah went to town on my neck and shoulders. I wanted to cry but I also knew that it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

After that, we checked out of the hotel and I was... sad, but refreshed. Overall my entire experience at the Four Seasons was one to be remembered and hopefully someday I can come back and move in.