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Australian singer and songwriter Dean Lewis is taking the US by storm with his hit songs Be Alright, Waves and 7 Minutes. (Credit: fb @deanlewismusic)

Musician Dean Lewis spills the tea on his beautiful breakup song 'Be Alright'

You probably know the song 'Be Alright.' The melancholy lyrics tug at your heartstrings and bring you back to that one tough break up.

This bona fide hit is making Autralian artist Dean Lewis a star. But the down to earth singer/songwriter definitely paid his dues.

We caught up with the musician at his VIP performance on STAR 101.5 Radio Station's STAR Stage.

"I used to be like the person who used to mic-- like you just mic'ed me up I would be that person and I was mic-ing people up like in Australia," Lewis said with a gleam in his eye.

Then a twist of fate.

"It's a weird story my best mate passed on a demo on to a girl who used to manage {the band} Savage Garden, and then basically she just connected me to all these people and then things started to happen."

We asked him about his first big hit 'Waves.'

"Yeah I was in England and I just wrote this song about not being super inspired. And so I wrote this song 'Waves.'"

Soon, 'Waves' was making waves here in the US.

"Yeah so we got on all these TV shows like Riverdale, Suits, Grey's Anatomy," he explained. "That opened a lot of the doors for me. And that's one of these things that's like I was kind of naïve about. They just sort of appear and they say do you want do you want your song to be in this? And I was like... yeah whatever whatever show wants to add it... so amazing... that really helped."

"All of the sudden it opened all these doors in Australia," Lewis recalled, "and enabled 'Be Alright' to do it's thing and yeah it kind of changed my life."

'Be Alright' has been a gigantic hit for Lewis. "It was about things that happened to me and some crazy stories my friends and family told me."

Basically-- those sad tales of love gone wrong. "Break up stories and so I kind of combined them into one. But I didn't realize what the song would do."

We asked Lewis how he comes up with the haunting lyrics that get stuck in our heads.

"I'll just sit down and sort of calm down and then I'll sometimes you find like a line in this mess that makes some sort of sense. And then you just sort of spend a bit a time elaborating on that and for me it's usually something that's real and I like it to be super simple and in the first person like describing a scene."

Still riding the success from 'Be Alright'... Lewis has just released a new single that's sure to be another chart topper.

"'Seven Minutes' is the new song I just put out. It's a song that is kind of written about the chorus came to me in an Uber when I was in the way home. I just had this argument with this girl I was seeing like two years ago in England. And the chorus, Is it too late to turnaround? I'm already halfway out of town."

"So it came into my head when I was halfway out of town. I went home and started writing the song. It's a song I'm really proud of."

Dean Lewis is humble about his incredible success. "It's been really exciting," he continued. "I'm trying not to look at all the amazing things happening cause if you're looking at them too much you're looking at the next thing and I am thinking this moment could end. So I'm just like keep playing, keep creating, keep playing shows and keep trying and hopefully it all keeps going."