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Murano Senior Living is located in the heart of the First Hill neighborhood. This allows residents to enjoy all that Seattle has to offer while providing easy access for family visits.

Murano Senior Living: Where flexibility meets lifestyle

Now more than ever, seniors and their families need flexibility in senior care. Murano Senior Living is a rental community in downtown Seattle that offers a continuum of care services, optimizing the choices families have when selecting the level of care for their loved ones.

Unlike continuing retirement communities (CCRCs), Murano Senior Living is a rental retirement community. Cost is a significant difference between these two options. Rental retirement communities are generally less expensive up front, while most CCRCs charge a sizable entrance fee that can sometimes exceed $2 million.

Residents at Murano Senior Living enjoy a prime location in the heart of the First Hill neighborhood. This convenient location allows residents to enjoy all that Seattle has to offer while providing easy access for family visits and gatherings. A range of services, including independent living, assisted living, enhanced assisted living, and memory care, provide residents at Murano Senior Living with all the flexibility and choices they can imagine.

Flexible senior living for your lifestyle

As families continue to navigate a new normal in these uncertain times, they are finding that they need an alternative solution for senior care. Murano Senior Living is that solution.

"Anyone considering moving into a senior living community should choose Murano Senior Living. The staff is outstanding! Ask and you shall receive. I am forever in their debt with the best outcome I could have hoped for in transition. Most of my friends who have visited me here are now looking to move in," says Laura D., a Murano Senior Living resident.

Murano Senior Living offers month-to-month leases with access to senior care services personalized to each resident's unique needs. Murano Senior Living's assisted living license allows residents to stay in their preferred apartment and access assisted living services whenever they need them.

The Opal floor is available to residents with memory impairment who need a more secure environment. Here, residents receive Leisure Care's signature memory care program, which is based on care services that are both holistic and compassionate.

For residents who need even higher levels of care, Murano offers an enhanced level of assisted living services on the Pearl floor. In all cases, residents only pay for the services they require at the time.

As compassionate partners in care, the team at Murano Senior Living is here to help. Caregiving can be challenging and all-consuming during the best of times. Murano's flexible approach to senior care eases that burden by allowing families to make short-term decisions that solve immediate problems and leave longer-term care options open.

Times are certainly changing, but some things remain the same. When you need senior living, you need access to high-quality care quickly. With heightened move-in protocols and strict social distancing guidelines, Murano Senior Living is currently accepting need-based move-ins to help seniors start living better than ever, as soon as possible.

You can learn more about Murano's flexible approach to care by visiting their website at, or you can contact Murano for a virtual tour.