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You may be surprised at WA's Favorite Halloween Candy

The one day where you get to exercise your sweet tooth without feeling guilty is right around the corner! Every Halloween, the great debate between trick-or-treaters of what is the best candy to receive is rekindled! We dove into a nationwide study and narrowed down what the most popular candy is in Washington state.

According to a national study by, Salt Water Taffy is our state's favorite Halloween candy. Sure, it may seem like an unusual favorite candy, but isn't it fitting for us Seattleites? Coming in a close second place were Tootsie Pops, and rounding out the last podium position as Washingtonians third favorite candy is Skittles.

Turns out that our favorite candy isn't even in the America's Top 10....

Some other fun facts from the study:

  • 172 million Americans celebrate Halloween
  • Nearly 1/4 of all Halloween purchases are made online
  • Among those who celebrate Halloween, 95% will purchase candy
  • They will spend about $25 on average
  • Most Halloween shopping is done the first 2 weeks of October.
  • In Oregon, full-sized candy bars are the norm for trick-or-treaters to receive
  • Over 50% of parents stash some Halloween candy to enjoy later in the year

Happy Halloween everyone!