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Radio personality Kent Phillips Super Bowl tickets are going to the highest bidder -- and the money is going to Seattle Children's Hospital.

Morning radio show host scores Super Bowl ticket...and decides not to go?!

STAR 101.5 Kent & Alan Morning Show Host, Kent Phillips, found out on Wednesday that his name was selected in the season ticket holders lottery for the opportunity to purchase Super Bowl tickets.
Phillips, who has been a long time Seahawks ticket holder has sat through some pretty miserable seasons and it's finally paid off.

However, from the moment after finding out, a debate was launched between him and his wife Kelley. He was struggling with should he go or sell. The answer for her was clear - sell so she can purchase a new handbag!

He brought the debate to Facebook and on the air. Friends and listeners were split. The final outcome - they are DONATING THE TICKETS TO CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL!

Phillips explained, "Kelley and I talked about itRussell Wilson is our favorite player and what better way to honor the team and him than donate tickets to Children's and auction them off on the air and put the money to some real good use! We got lucky and got the tickets, Our kids both went to Children's when they were young and this is a chance to pay it forward and help another child!"

On Monday morning at 6:30 a.m., Kent & Alan will launch a short 2-hour auction on the air. The highest bidder will get the tickets with all the money going to Seattle's Children's Hospital - Russell Wilson's (Seattle Seahawks quarterback) favorite charity.

UPDATE: Tickets were sold Monday morning on the Kent & Alan Show for $5,500. All money will go to the Seattle Children's Hospital.