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(Image: Morris Magnets)

Monroe fridge magnet maker now producing PPE

If you own a refrigerator, there’s a good chance there are magnets on it and there’s also a good chance that some of those magnets were made in Monroe Washington at Morris Magnets. It’s one of the largest specialty refrigerator magnet manufacturers in the nation.

“We make about 15,000 to 20,000 pieces per day,” said Bill Peterson, the owner of Morris Magnets in a 2017 interview with Refined.

But as of April 20, 2020, Morris Magnets has transferred some of its manufacturing prowess to producing personal protective gear and safety signs, including translucent face shields and sneeze guards for retailers and other businesses. The later custom made from clear 1/4 inch acrylic sheets, similar to the material used to make a Morris Magnet, cut to size with lasers to fit point-of-sale counters, conference tables and other applications.

[One of the largest fridge magnet makers is in Monroe, WA (?!)]

“We have a pretty solid supply chain for our magnets,” Jamie Gamez said, manager at Morris Magnets. She said she doesn’t anticipate any trouble keeping up with demand for sneeze guards. They claim to have no shortage of raw materials or equipment.

“We’re hopeful and looking forward to helping other local businesses as they prepare to open safely for their employees and customers,” she said.

Right now, thanks in part to a federal PPP loan, Morris Magnets’ 40+ employees are back at work, following extensive sanitation guidelines. Gamez said a few orders have been placed for PPE and she’s hopeful more orders will come in soon.

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