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And the wealthiest zip code in Washington is... (Image: Boathill /

Mercer Island is the 13th richest zip code in the U.S.

According the a study by GoBankingRates, Washington's Mercer Island zip code is the wealthiest in Washington and the number 13th wealthiest in the United States.


To figure this out researchers analyzed housing costs, Bureau of Labor Statistics data on the local cost of transportation, utilities, groceries and health care.

So how did Washington stack up?

Mercer Island's 98040 zip code is the wealthiest in Washington, with homeowners needing a total income of $253,880 to make it comfortable to live.

As for the wealthiest zip code in the entire U.S. - it's Sagaponack, New York, about 100 miles east of New York City on Long Island. It costs $853,738 to live in the beach community with the population of just 324 residents and a median home price of $7 million.

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