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(Image: Twig & Vine)

Why this local Flower Farm is giving away flowers, & teaching others to do the same

Deanna Kitchen, owner of the flower farm Twig & Vine and founder of the Growing Kindness Project, often quotes Anne Frank who wrote, “No one has ever grown poor by giving”. And she lives it. Heart and soul. Season in and season out.

It is with this passion for giving that the Skagit Valley flower farmer planted her nonprofit. With a mission to “empower, educate, and encourage individuals to cultivate kindness and connection in their communities by growing and giving flowers”, Kitchen is inspiring others in her community and beyond.

What exactly does the Growing Kindness Project do?

It’s quite simple. People like you and me grow flowers. Then, we give them.

To friends. To neighbors. To retirement homes. To librarians. To our Door Dash driver. To baristas. To fire stations. To strangers we pass on the street. Flowers speak love and thoughtfulness; they offer a bright note of joy in an otherwise dreary day. They’re a cheerful surprise and an opportunity to pay it forward.

And you can get involved!

From one inexperienced cut flower gardener to another, I can assure you that YOU CAN DO IT! Whether you have an acre of land or just a pot or two on your balcony, you can grow flowers. And then, you can give flowers. The Growing Kindness Project offers inspiration, education, support, and resources to guide you towards success.

If you’re 25 or 75, a businessman, stay-at-home mom or college student, you can foster community with a simple bouquet. It doesn’t take much time and the Growing Kindness Project is prepared to teach and guide you in your flower growing efforts.

The Growing Kindness Project loves and grows many flower varieties, but dahlias are their specialty. Dahlias are hearty and beautiful! Plus, at the end of each season dahlia tubers are easily split to produce more plants the following year. That’s right, you can plant tubers this spring, harvest and give all summer long, and then dig up and share tubers so your family and friends can begin their own flower sharing experience. And, as Kitchen shares, "Dahlias come in endless shapes and colors, much the same way as kindness takes on immeasurable forms of expression."

Not only are dahlia blooms absolutely breathtaking - I can almost guarantee they'll become one of your favorite flowers - but the gift of giving will certainly influence your life in a wonderful way.

For the 2020 cut flower season, you can join the Growing Kindness Project as a gardener or ambassador.

You can also support the Growing Kindness Project when you purchase dahlia tubers from Twig & Vine. The sale launches in March ... start planning your garden space now!