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To kick off the Pacific Place's "Truth or Daring" series, the shopping center partnered with renowned international street artist Kelsey Montague, who painted the octopus mural.

Meet Octavia: The octopus that’s taking Seattle by storm

What has eight arms, three hearts, and one giant cup of coffee?

If you guessed Octavia the octopus, the brand-new mural in Pacific Place, you’re spot on.

Pacific Place, a premier five-story shopping center downtown, launched a brand-new, ongoing arts program, “Truth or Daring,” which is designed to shine a spotlight on the importance of art, music, and film—as well as the center’s redevelopment transformation.

To kick off the whole shebang, Pacific Place partnered with renowned international street artist Kelsey Montague, an artist-turned-social media sensation whose work has been featured by Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens, Carly Rae Jepsen, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Mashable, and MTV.

Montague painted Octavia, an interactive mural, to speak specifically to Seattleites. “Pacific Place is a gem in the heart of Seattle, and I am absolutely thrilled to be working with this popular shopping center to create a mural that will speak to the residents of the Pacific Northwest,” Montague said in a press release. “It will offer a distinct nod to the Pacific Northwest especially for Pacific Place shoppers.”

The octopus embodies Seattle’s “ocean vibe,” Montague says. Look carefully in Octavia’s tentacles, and you’ll spot a little piece of Seattle in each one—an umbrella to represent our city’s notorious rainy days, the ever-mighty Space Needle, and, of course, a cup of coffee for all of the Starbucks lovers. Pacific Place put a see-through bench on one of the octopus’ arms, so in photos, it looks like you’re sitting on a tentacle.

“With this, I'm not only hoping people have fun with it, but that they get creative,” Montague says. “They always take my work about 10 steps farther than I ever could.”

Montague’s mural is the first of many art installations coming to Pacific Place. In the coming months, the “Truth or Daring” program will showcase the work of other local artists in store windows, on barricades, signage, and banners.

Take a photo with Octavia and share it on social media with #ArtOfPacificPlace. For more information on Pacific Place, call 206-405-2655, visit, or find the shopping center on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.