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(Image: KOMO News)

Marshawn Lynch stars in Train's new music video "Drink Up"

Even though Marshawn Lynch has decided to come out of retirement to play for the enemy (Oakland Raiders), it's impossible not to love the guy. Therefore, we will continue to cover stories about the fella. Beastmode 4 life!

Marshawn Lynch is back in the spotlight and stars in Train's new star-studded music video, "Drink Up," which tells the story of Marshawn Lynch's wedding day. Comedians Ken Jeong, George Lopez, and Jim Breuer devise a #WeddingCrashers plan because they weren't invited to Beatmode's special day. I probably would do the same thing, to be honest.

The "Drink Up" single is from Train's tenth studio album, "a girl a boat a bottle." See the music video below! It's a laugh. (PS, give the video a second to load!)