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Lacie Marsh-Carroll is the creative force behind Malicious Women Candle Co. The store, wesbite and candle making all happens in Lake Stevens, WA. A tribe of so called malicious women handcraft the candles and compose hilariously snarky labels. Folks can choose from 18 scents and tons of clever labels to create their perfect candle for themselves or as gifts. Photo courtesy Malicious Women Candle Co.

The sassiest candles around are made by some Malicious Women in Lake Stevens

A visit to Malicious Women Candles literally lights you up,. and leaves you smiling. There's a label for "The World's Okayest Mom", "They Whine So I Wine", and "She Believed She Could, BUt She Was Really Tired, So She Didn't".

Lacie Marsh Carroll founded this company, infusing it with sass and snark.

"It's about giving women the voice to say what they want to say every single day," said Marsh Carroll. "But we can't, cause we're in our corporate job or we have littles at home - and sometimes we can just say it on a candle."

The spark of an idea came from spending time with her BFF Laura.

"It goes back to conversations that I'd have with my dearest friend about our days or all the things we would have said if we were just a little more 'malicious'," she laughs. "If you look at the textbook definition of malicious - 'to do something with ill intent in mind' that's not it at all. It's just owning yourself."

Marsh Carroll's friendship with Laura cast a warm glow on their lives.

"I knew her for 22 years," she said. "We met when we were 19, we had babies on our hips and became instant soulmates. She had always battled depression, [but] she was a warrior. She fought it."

In 2016, Laura had some pretty serious life events that took a huge toll. She began to feel that her mental health was a burden.

"It just became too much for her," said Marsh Carroll. "She was under the impression that everybody else would be better off if she was no longer with us because she felt like a burden. She ended up taking her own life."

Suddenly, her bright light went out - and Marsh Carroll fell into a dark depression.

"I couldn't get off the couch," she said. "I couldn't move. I couldn't function. I was on a leave of absence from my job, and I went to a therapist."

The advice from a professional? Find a hobby.

"I don't know why - just candles," said Marsh Carroll. "So there I was with a crockpot and wicks and I'm pouring hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of candles just trying to figure out how to make this candle."

But - she was off the couch. She was showering every day. She wasn't eating Captain Crunch every meal. And as she crafted the candles in her kitchen, she could feel Laura's spirit lighting the way.

"I hear her voice. When I made the 'Sh*t Show Candle' I could hear her voice say 'You're on to something.'"

The therapist also had a surprising suggestion - telling her to throw a party.

"I said 'ok, I'm not gonna throw a party - I'm gonna throw a sh*t show!"

The candles were meant to be prizes at the event - but her friends went crazy.

That success fanned the flame for building the business. Today, candle-making in the kitchen has been replaced with a storefront and production facility in Lake Stevens. Marsh Carroll's daughter KC and her husband, aka 'Malicious Man' Joe both work here, and then there's the tribe.

"Five women work here, and they are the most amazing group of women."

They come up with the laugh-out-loud labels.

"I'd love to credit for it but it is a tribe effort," she said. "There's wine involved typically, and we just draw from regular daily experience."

Folks get to choose from 18 scents, then pick a label. Every candle gets cleaned by hand, lidded up and labelled - complete with a handwritten note by one of our Malicious Women.

Watching over everything - Laura. She may be gone, but her legacy of love lives on.

"I know she's here," said Marsh Carroll. "I absolutely 100 percent do. She's actually swinging from the chandelier."

From the depths of despair to becoming a beacon of light - Malicious Women Candle Co. is on a mission to share it with others.

"It's on every single jar, illuminating the way one candle at a time. Whatever message is going to whatever person - I hope it shines a tiny little light. Sometimes all you need is a little start, a little light to make a big flame."