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Baby giraffe Lulu finally met local Stephanie Rhea this past weekend. Stephanie was the winner of the Woodland Park Zoo's Birth Pool contest, and correctly guessed the day Lulu would be born - June 20, 2017. (Image: Sunita Martini / Seattle Refined)

When Stephanie Met Lulu: Baby giraffe meets local winner of her Birth Pool contest

Just under three months old, Lulu the Giraffe is still *technically* a baby (but don't tell her growth spurts)! Seattle's tallest baby was born June 20, 2017 to proud mom Tufani at the Woodland Park Zoo - but it was up in the air for a while as to when exactly she would be born.

We all remember the drama of April the Giraffe and the live-cam that went on forever....

So when the Zoo decided to mix things up and open up a Birth Pool, we though that was hilarious! And awesome.

And so did one Stephanie Rhea, who saw the zoo's Facebook post announcing the contest.

"I love to see photos and upcoming events that they have going on at the zoo through out the year," said Rhea, who tries to make it to the zoo at least once a year, maybe more when she can swing it.

Participants had to choose which day they thought the baby giraffe would be born. So, what was Stephanie's game plan on picking a date?

"When I saw which months would be possibilities, I went with the 20th of June because that also happens to be my birthday," said Rhea. "I thought it was a long shot but that it would be pretty cool if the baby was born that day."

And tah-dah, she was! Besides being able to have the COOLEST bragging rights and birthday buddy in history, Rhea also got a year-long membership to the zoo, and a private meet and great with not-so-little Lulu.

Rhea finally met her bosom buddy over the weekend, along with her son and boyfriend.

"We all love giraffes and are oh so excited to meet her!" she told us before heading into the meet (our photographer snuck along too, check out the gallery above).

We'll clear our calendars for June 20, 2018 - we'd LOVE to be invited to Lulu and Stephanie's joint birthday party!