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Vampires, ghost and ghouls. Oh my! (Image: Seattle Refined)

The scariest house this Halloween is in Lake Forest Park

Vampires, ghost and ghouls. Oh my!

If it goes bump in the night, you'll probably find it lurking in Lake Forest Park tonight at Douglas Woods' house.

"My wife and I, we've been married for 42 years," said Woods. "Every year we'd pick up a few things and add to it and it's amazing what you collect over 42 years! Scary clowns, pumpkin head men, all kinds of characters, zombies and pop up heads."

Pop-up heads on stakes dance behind a gnarled wooden fence on Woods' front yard. Every square inch of grass is haunted by some kind of nightmarish creature. Trick-or-Treaters beware! Doug's yard is full of surprises. He says he started out more than four decades ago making the decorations himself but now, fills his yard with Hollywood quality statues, props and lighting.

"Last year we had more than 650 trick-or-treaters. People coming and going. Kids walking by -they love it! Some of them are too scared, they stay across the street."

Neighborhood kid, Jordan Jones-Klein, says he was one of the children too scared to trick-or-treat at Doug's house when he was younger. But now, he helps Doug set up all the decorations and says Halloween is his favorite time of year.

"Its just amazing to put in all this work and then see people enjoy it," he said.

And if trick-or-treaters manage to find this house, they're in for a sweet reward.

"We give out the big candy bars," Woods brags. "The old fashioned, real candy bars!"

Good luck and, happy Halloween!