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Discovery Park (Image: Courtesy of TIA International Photography)

Love Running? Try these Top-Notch Outdoor Trails

It’s almost here - spring! As dreary February is coming to an end, there’s that looming dread of…swim suit season. With puffy coats and holiday weight behind us, it’s time to start thinking about bumping up that cardio. If even the thought of running on a treadmill bores you - you’re in luck. Jogging or running outside can be more challenging, but there is way more to focus on other than a wall in front of you. Lucky for us, we have some of the most beautiful scenery for outdoor running trails in the country. Especially on those sunny days! So lace up your sneaks, pick an inspiring playlist and hit the streets with these outdoor running routes!

Discovery Park: You cannot beat the scenery of this gorgeous spot. This trail is great for hill training, but still has a lot of options for a flatter route. If you’re going for more than a couple miles, I’d recommend grabbing a buddy as some areas can get pretty remote. However, because of the scenery and forest-rich areas, it’s easy to feel like you’ve escaped the city while never leaving it. There’s also an epic lighthouse that’s a must-see.

St. Edwards Park: This park is massive. Located in Kenmore/Bothell area, the park has miles and miles and miles of trails. Lots of hills, tons of flat choices both long and far. The central parking lot is a great perk since you never have to worry about finding a spot. This is an especially good choice if the weather is warm since numerous trails lead down to Lake Washington if you feel like cooling off in the water.

Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop: This is hands down one of my favorite runs in Seattle. Starting on Westlake, you can park in one of the many lots and get to it right away. The perimeter is 6 miles (if you want to do the entire loop) that takes you by houseboats, Gasworks Park, huge bridges, and Fremont. What’s great about this run is you go from the busyness of the city to secluded areas and back again. Mostly flat, this route is a great training run and/or perfect for a long walk with a friend.

Marymoor Park: This park may be a bit more crowded but you can get some serious mileage in and the routes are very flat. If you’re training for a marathon and need to hit a certain mile number, this spot is great since there aren’t hills that could mess with your pace. Marymoor is also a great place to bring the kiddos and/or the dog. Being in Redmond, it can be a bit of a trek if you live in the downtown area but a great option if you live on the Eastside.

Lincoln Park (not the band): In a quasi remote location in West Seattle, Lincoln Park has got it all. This place is almost always buzzing with people on the playgrounds, sports fields, and wading pool. Great place to bring the family and head out on a jaunt of your own on one of the trails with gorgeous views of the sound. The water is also accessible from most of these trails making this park a refreshing sanctuary within the city.