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It's not too late to get that summer body you've been working for.<p></p>

Lose fat at the speed of light!

Still not able to lose that last bit of stubborn fat after months of dieting and exercising? It's not too late to get the extra push toward that summer body you have been working so hard for!

The Contour Light Body Sculpting program is a painless and non-invasive treatment that will help you burn the fat, speed up your metabolism, and trim your waist in just a few short 30-minute sessions.

The Contour Light Body Sculpting program utilizes 635nm red light therapy technology to open and liquefy fat cells allowing them to exit the body through the liver and colon safely. The process eliminates the fatty deposits while also collapsing the stubborn fat cells lingering in the body both safely and naturally.

Depending on your weight loss goal, you can choose from six to twenty contour light therapy sessions that occur two to three times per week until the course is completed. Each 30-minute session is then followed by a ten minute whole body vibration session (or similar light exercise) that will facilitate the fat drainage and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Focusing on the fronts and backs of the rib cage down to the lower thighs, upper arms, face, and neck, the contour light has the most expansive coverage on the market and makes it the easiest and most effective treatment currently in use. Successful clinical trials boast no pain, no bruises, and no side effects. And the best part? SAME DAY RESULTS.

Work smarter and not harder toward the skinny jeans you have always wanted to wear and the fabulous beach body you have always dreamed of. Strut confidently knowing all eyes are on the sleeker new you.

For more information or an introductory consultation, visit or call 425-442-5626 to learn more. Evolve180 is a weight loss studio in Bellevue, Washington. Their customized weight loss solutions help you slim down in a way that works with your body and your life.