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Belltown Pub features a special “Pup Grub” menu. Dogs can dine alongside their human companions at (or under) the table. (Image: Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

Local dog-friendly restaurants

Welcome to the dog days of summer! This hot, sticky weather is definitely not friendly to our canine pals. Fortunately, that's not the case at many of Seattle's restaurants and bars.

Quite a few local watering holes roll out the welcome mat for furry customers, especially now that al fresco season is in full swing. Most hangouts reserve their patios as dog-friendly spaces (call ahead to make sure your pooch is allowed!), but a few restaurants will also allow dogs to beat the heat indoors!

Here are a few suggestions for a summer doggie date:

Norm's Eatery & Ale House. We have to start our list with Norm's. From the Golden Retriever mascot that greets you on the business sign to the doggie decorations scattered throughout the restaurant, it's clear that pooches aren't just welcome here, they're practically the guests of honor! Norm's is one of the most popular places in the city for dog owners and tail-waggers to mingle while enjoying traditional pub fare. (By the way, Norm is a real dog! He's a 12-year-old Golden. You might even see him greeting guests for Happy Hour, if you're lucky!)

  • 460 N. 36th St. Seattle, WA 98103

Belltown Pub. This hot spot for hounds features a special "Pup Grub" menu. Dogs can dine alongside their human companions at (or under) the table. The dinner selection includes Chicken and Sweet Potato, Pacific Salmon, Free Range Venison, and Turkey and Chicken. You can order one to three cups of each. The price range is $2 - $4. In another cute touch, a container of MudBay dog treats sits next to the bowl of mints on the entrance counter. (Just don't mix up the two as you grab a handful on your way out!)

  • 2322 1st Ave. Seattle, WA 98121

Bark! Espresso. Seattleites are known to have a slight obsession with dogs and coffee, so it makes sense that the two worlds would collide in caffeine/canine-induced euphoria at Bark! Espresso in the Pinehurst-Northgate area. Next to the main cafe, fur babies and their owners can lounge in a room called the Hound Hangout. The baristas serve up lattes, tea, pastries and sandwiches through a special window. They'll even make a peanut butter and rice milk concoction for pups to lap while you enjoy your java. Dog-inspired art from local artists lines the walls. Even the coffee table reading selection caters to a dog lover's soul!

  • 11335 Roosevelt Way N.E. Seattle, WA 98125

Bandits Bar. Man's best friend has always been a trusty wingman. Your pooch can help reel 'em in while you knock 'em dead at this small, Old West saloon-style bar on the edge of Queen Anne and Belltown. Dogs are allowed inside the bar, all they ask is that your pup stay on a leash and be well-behaved. Grabbing a beer with your best bud, what could be better than that? Oh yeah, Bandits also boasts the best tamales in town!

  • 159 Denny Way Seattle, WA 98109

The Leary Traveler & The Dray. These neighborhood bars in Fremont and Phinney Ridge treat dogs as part of the neighborhood clientele. Bringing your pup along for a pint isn't a problem as long as they're on their best behavior. Coincidentally, The Dray was once home to a pet grooming business. Seems only fitting that dogs would once again roam the floor - on a leash, of course!

  • The Leary Traveler, 4354 Leary Way N.W. Seattle, WA 98107

  • The Dray, 708 N.W. 65th St. Seattle, WA 98117

Here's a list of more dog-friendly restaurants around the city.