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At Porchlight Coffee and Records on Capitol Hill, you can find a variety of things. From a velvety latte to vintage vinyl there is a fun quirky feel to the shop. Creativity is everywhere in here, in part because owner Zack Bolotin is an artist. From posters to merch, he does it all, including designing enamel pins aka mini wearable masterpieces. (Courtesy Zack Bolotin)

Local artist Zack Bolotin makes mini [wearable] masterpieces

Porchlight Coffee is located in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. Just like it's name, this spot has a warm, cozy and slightly quirky feel.

"[The vibe is] pretty calm,"said owner Zack Bolotin. "Relaxed, even in busy times it's not super rowdy or high intensity."

At this spot you can get a variety of things, from a velvety latte to some vintage vinyl.

"Local labels! We carry Sub Pop and Barsook Records and then a variety of national labels that are kinda punk or indie or soul records," said Bolotin.

Creativity is everywhere here. In fact, Bolotin is also an artist.

"Most of my life I guess I would technically be an artist," he said. "But no one was paying me to do design for them until a few years ago."

His design aesthetic has a retro feel.

"I'm inspired by a lot of mid-century design work and a lot of that," said Bolotin. "My dad was very big into the Seattle World's Fair, and a lot of that was kind of the futuristic mid century illustration style."

It translates well to some of his favorite art to create - like band posters and merch. Or, enamel pins. Although small in scale - they make a big impact.

"I think it's accessible for everyone," he said. "The cost is low for the business and the cost is low for the customer. Some people have them all over jackets all over backpacks."

He's done pins for Molly Moon's, Glazer's Camera, Clif Bar and now...Seattle Refined!

He went to work, trying to capture the fun feel of Refined - in a pin.

"You guys wanted the show's name on the pin plus something representative of Seattle," said Bolotin. "With pins what I'll kind of do is sketch up on paper and show clients."

We LOVED his design, so he sent it off to the manufacturer. Then, the day Refined staff had been waiting for - a special delivery to our office!

Thanks to Bolotin, our Refined staff was happy to put a pin in it - literally!