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Zoey, a two-year-old blue pitbull/staffordshire, has been waiting for over a year to be adopted. She loves walks and hikes, is great on a leash, but also loves to cuddle up on the couch. Saving Great Animals, the Seattle-area animal rescue that is currently taking care of Zoey, thinks an active couple that doesn't already have cats or small animals would be a great fit for her. Saving Great Animals is a non-profit organization that takes care of around 80 dogs on average, and will be hosting a fundraising event on June 2nd at the Pickering Barn in Issaquah. (Sy Bean / Seattle Refined)

Guys. Let's find Zoey a home

George. To you it may just be a name that reminds you of a friend, teacher, old president, ex-boyfriend or handsome movie star. But to us here at Seattle Refined, it will always be the name of the pup who burrowed his little way into our hearts.

In November of 2016, we got an email from Perrin Kaplan of Saving Great Animals. She told us the story of George, an 8-year-old lab mix who had been with SGA for over 730 days. No one wanted him, but we weren't sure why. He was friendly, loved snuggles and walks, and wasn't aggressive. But day after day went by and no one picked him.

The story touched our hearts - especially since pets and animals are such a huge part of what we cover on the site and the show (hello, Seattle RUFFined!). So we decided to make it our mission to find George a home. We posted a story, tweeted it, Facebooked it, and basically put it everywhere on the internet we could think of! We talked about it on our TV show, we shared it with our partner KOMO News, and George himself even joined anchor Mary Nam on the 4 p.m. news to strut his stuff.

The response we got was astounding - hundreds of thousands of you shared, liked, commented and passed along the story of George. Until finally, the right family got ahold of it. Carl and Stephanie Schuur from Asotin, WA decided that George seemed like the perfect fit for them, and SGA agreed. In early December, George made the trip over to meet his new owners - and he's been living there happily ever since.

We were so happy with this turn of events, and with the success of finding the little man a much-needed home. So, why stop there? We've been working with Saving Great Animals, and are going to start doing this every month. We're calling it 'Refined to the Rescue', and the goal is to find a home for our featured pet every month. We have a platform, why not use it? We wish we could do it for all the dogs - ALL OF THEM - and maybe one day we'll get close. But for now, SGA is giving us dogs in their care who, like George, have been without homes for an extraordinarily long time, or who are just down on their luck with finding a family.

No one can beat George, but our hearts got a little bigger when we heard about Zoey! This little blue-nosed pit bull/Staffordshire mix has been up for adoption for over a year now, and she's only two :( She came to SGA from a shelter in southern California, where overcrowding is no joke.

"Anything that looks like a pit bull - they just die by the thousands," said Jacintha Sayed with SGA. The negative reputation of the breed often precedes itself, and potential owners don't give the oftentimes sweet animals a shot.

"She charms the pants off everyone!" said Sayed. "Everyone who meets her feels the same way."

Zoey was in foster care for a while, where she and her adopted brother Jack got along like gangbusters. They did everything together: sleep, play, eat - they were truly the best of friends. But then, one day, something happened in the yard.

"We probably will never know exactly what happened," said Sayed. "But they got in a scuffle. And when two pittys fight...well, it's not like two chihuahuas."

It was quickly determined that Zoey and Jack could not be in the same house together, and SGA agreed to take her back. She is currently boarded in Woodinville, WA.

"We learned that there are certain situations where she doesn't do well with other dogs." said Sayed. "So we're recommending that she be the only dog in a home."

Ok internet - time to do your thing! Are you looking for a sweet, gentle, cuddly and kind pup? Would you be alright with having Zoey be the only dog in your home? Are you willing to give unlimited belly rubs and kisses? SGA says Zoey can be calm when inside and loves to nap - but once she's outside she loves to check out wildlife and give bunnies and squirrels a good chase!

"[The boarders] take wonderful care of her," said Sayed. "But she really misses that human contact - she thrives on it, aches for it. It's why she's so overly affectionate with everyone."

SHE JUST WANTS TO BE LOVED! Don't we all. Let's do this folks, let's find Zoey a home!

If you are interested in Zoey, email Kaplan at

Can't adopt right now, but still want to help? SGA is holding their annual Bark Benefit on June 2 in Issaquah. It's the single event each year where SGA gets most of their funding - we'll be there talking about George and Refined to the Rescue, there will be amazing food and rinks, live entertainment and a silent auction. Come hang out with us!

2017 Bark Benefit
Pickering Barn
Issaquah, WA
June 2, 2017
6:30 p.m.
Tickets: $89+