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George is a sweet lab-mix, who hasn't found a home in over 730 days. Let's get him a home for the holidays folks! Email if you're interested in the cutie. (Image: Saving Great Animals)

Let's find George a home this holiday

*Since this original story was posted, George has now found a forever home! Check out the George Update here.

Saving Great Animals is a local rescue that has rehomed over 6,000 dogs and several hundred cats in the ten years they've been in business. The animals that come through are matched with loving forever homes, usually between a day to three months after they arrive.

But there is one exception, and his name is George. George has been with SGA for 730 days. No one wants him.

"The story of George breaks our heart literally every day, and has done do for more than 730 days," said Perrin Kaplan, president of Saving Great Animals. Kaplan is an executive in the tech industry, but started SGA on the side as a passion project.

Why George? Reading through his bio, the poor guy just seems to have bad luck.

He's an 8-year-old lab mix who lost his home over two years ago, and was transferred to Best Friends in Edmonds. Caretakers were sure the friendly pup who loves snuggles and walks would be snapped up quickly, but day after day they are proven wrong.

"His body shows some of the scars of his past; poorly cut ears, a few notches here and there on his body," said Kaplan. "But he is a goofball, so funny and time and love will help him show you that part of his amazing personality."

Kaplan reached out to us at Seattle Refined, and our penchant for dogs and George's tear-jerker of a story got the best of us.

"He's so full of love," she said. "We are watching him deteriorate in a kennel situation. He is lonely and deserves so much better."

George loves to go for walks and is great on the leash. He loves belly rubs, cuddles, french fries and ice cream! No cats though - he loves chasing squirrels too much :) He has lived with other dogs and is better with girls than boys, and he would need a proper intro and an experienced foster or owner due jealousy issues. But with the right match, his playful side comes through (check out the video).

"If you have a no-animal home, he would be so happy to have you to himself," said Kaplan. "George will do well in a home of a quiet couple, senior or family with older kids. He will get comfortable with you, and open his protective heart, and then fall for you like you will for him."

Come on Seattle - let's end this poor pups lonely streak and find him a home for the holidays!

"We are desperate to find him a great foster and also a great home and get him out of a cage," said Kaplan.

Us, too.

If you are interested in George, email Kaplan at