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The Leavenworth Tiny House Village is an adorable little getaway. The five cute houses each have their own personalities. (Petite Retreats)<br><p></p>

Want a little overnight getaway? Try the Leavenworth Tiny House Village

This summer, road trips and day trips are where it's at! Refined visited Seabrook (a beach town on the Washington Coast), took a scenic tour of Seattle sculptures and shared some ideas for the best picnic spots to socially distance. But in terms of a 'little' overnight getaway, there is a charming place in Leavenworth where you can go and have an huge adventure - all while maintaining social distance from others. Refined chatted [virtually] with Annie Colletti from Leavenworth Tiny House Village to get the deets. And here's the best news - they still have availability!

Seattle Refined: Annie from Leavenworth Tiny House Village thanks so much for joining us today. So as you know, this is not a summer for big vacations - but you can take ‘tiny’ ones!
Annie Colletti: The Leavenworth Tiny House Village is five adorable uniquely named designed and decorated tiny houses.

Talking about the tiny village itself, it’s so cute can you describe it - and I have to ask, do you hear 'The Sound of Music' when you walk into the Tiny House Village?
It’s so funny that you referenced that song, because I did bring my family there and my mom started singing that song immediately! We really pulled a lot of inspiration from just the beauty of the area and just the Leavenworth downtown area itself. The only really big change I guess we made was really amping up the color.

What’s the range in size?
Our smallest tiny house is 181 square feet and our largest - we call it our tiny house mansion - is 307 square feet.

I kind of love that you call it a mansion - that’s so funny! What’s the most amount of people that could stay in one of these tiny houses?
The most would be four, from just space - and that’s the most you’d probably want in there as well.

I wanna know just a little bit about each of these 5 tiny houses starting with - is it Adeline?
Adeline is 287 square feet, and sleeps four. Her personality is that she’s a family gal, ever the hostess. She also has an adorable breakfast nook in the front where you can take your morning coffee and just kind of take in the view.

Then of course there’s Belle, who’s a real belle!
She is a real 'belle' and she’s our tiny house mansion actually. She’s a whopping 307 square feet also sleeping four. Belle is actually perfect for families - she’s unique in that there’s a little living area in the back of the house that just gives you a little separation if you just need a second.

And how about Hanna?
Hanna is the opposite - she is the tiniest of our 'tinys,' just a mere 181 square feet. Just like the other houses she has a full bathroom small kitchen area, Hanna is perfect for a couple just looking for a getaway.

We can’t go without talking about Otto and Rudolph...
Otto is probably our most masculine, I call it - tiny house that we have. Otto is also pet-friendly, so four-legged friends can also enjoy some time at the Leavenworth Tiny House Village. It also sleeps four.

Rudolph is a snow lover, as most Rudolphs are. His personality is that he’s a bit of a class clown, loves winter sports and the winter season in general. He is 250 square feet and sleeps four.

These 'Tinys' as you call them are all distanced from each other. What’s the distance between them?
It’s probably about 10-12 feet between them so they’re definitely separated and you have your own unit.

What makes this a great vacation destination all year long?
We’re lucky that Leavenworth is the ultimate year round destination summer, with hiking and fishing and biking and as we roll into the winter months, cross country skiing is huge.

I know you guys have put a lot of thought into keeping everyone safe and healthy with the COVID crisis going on. What are some of the precautions you put in place there?
We’ve taken a number of precautions given everything that is going on. First and foremost we’ve kind of changed our cancellation policy to allow people to book with confidence. We don’t want anyone to feel like they’ll be penalized if they’re watching the news or if things shift - as they are changing every single day.

We did partner with an industry leading third party hygienist, and they’ve helped us put together cleaning protocols for all the common areas which are being cleaned regularly.

We’ve also launched our online check in at all of our Petite Retreats locations which really limits the interaction with our staff and the customers as they first arrive. In the past, it was a lot of exchanging papers which we wanted to put an end to that and make sure everyone is safe and they can keep their bubbles small especially in this time.