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Seattle artist Laura Burkhart is known for her stunning modern, geometric style of woodworking. (Image: Laura Burkhart)<p></p>

Laura Burkhart's art is a celebration of PNW beauty

Her pieces are magical, making you feel like you can bring the stunning scenery of the Pacific Northwest inside.

"I just love making art." Simply put, artist Laura Burkhart's work is a celebration of what surrounds us.

"If I can just recapture the beauty out there that I see, and capture it on canvas, and someone else and can connect with it, I just see it as the transfer of good energy."

The multi-talented creative does it all - including drawing, design and painting.

"I almost obsessively paint the mountains, always trying to capture the beauty of the mountain ranges," she explained.

But she discovered one of her favorite mediums by accident.

"I was building a shed," Burkhart recalled. "And just kind of used some scrap wood to make some art out of it. One thing led to the other."

Her passion for woodworking was born.

"My woodwork is unique because it’s sort of a different style I came up with that is multi-dimensional. It’s not inlaid. I use the negative space as much as I use the shapes to create my artwork."

Burkhart knows her power tools - and she's not afraid to use them.

"The nail gun, the air compressor, jigsaw is all really great, I can go on. But I think that the miter saw is the number one tool that I use the most. It’s my best friend," she laughed. "Power tools are for everyone."

As she builds her art, she's breaking down stereotypes.

"Sometimes when I go to the hardware store to pick up my supplies and lumber and tools, I get about ten people asking me if they can help me find something! And then they’re usually surprised when I know exactly where it is."

Her most iconic creation was inspired by our wet weather.

"You know it rains here sometimes, so you can’t always work outside. I wanted to create a smaller version and something that didn’t have a frame on it so you could - on any color wall you could move around the composition of it."

That 'bright idea' has become her trademark.

"Out of that came the idea of a starburst. Now I’d say it’s one of the things I’m most known for. I kept coming back to this shape, I was like it’s kind of like a star and then I kept adding these elongated tails on each side and then I was like it’s like a 'star burst'."

"They [people from a national TV show] actually found my - one of my wooden starbursts in a local Seattle boutique, September Shop, and I just a happened to be in there in that same moment!"

It was an incredible opportunity for her.

"So I spent three days straight kind of creating this door for a houseboat on the Netflix show ‘Stay Here’ and they ended up using it and selling it and it was this really amazing houseboat."

"We decided to build this workshop in my backyard. It’s completely my sanctuary. And it just has become this really amazing space amount these giant pine trees."

Making art out of wood is a complicated process. It's both wildly creative and painstakingly precise.

"I’ve always loved working with my hands and making things. I love the scale of what I can create with wood," Burkhart noted.

It starts with raw lumber.

"I stain all the pieces first, then I’m cutting [and] sanding the ends."

Next, she starts putting the pieces together.

"Building, glueing, there’s so many steps - I usually do them in phases."

Whether though wood or paint, her art is a tribute to the natural world around us.

"My work has changed a lot over the years but it’s always been inspired by the beauty of the Northwest. For me, art work is light, artwork is beauty."

To learn more about Laura's stunning artwork, check out her website, Laura Burkhart Creative, and her gorgeous Instagram feed. SHe also co-hosts a monthly Full Moon Market, a monthly gathering of Pacific Northwest makers and artisan small businesses. The next virtual Full Moon Market will be October 24, 2020.