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The musical, Mamma Mia, is playing right now at Seattle's Paramount Theatre and it's your last chance to see it. (Image: The Paramount)

It's your last chance to see Broadway's 'Mamma Mia' in Seattle

The musical, Mamma Mia, is playing right now at Seattle's Paramount Theatre and it's your last chance to see it.

Mamma Mia is based on a Greek island paradise where a young woman's quest to discover her father's identity propels an amusing story of love, laughter and friendship.

"I play Sophie," said Lizze Markson, an actor in the musical. "She is the bride-to-be - the one with the laughing face in the poster. And she kind of sets the whole show in motion. She's been raised by her single mother and wants to know who her father is. She finds her mother's diary and invites three men who could possibly be the lucky dad without telling her fiancé, Sky, or her mother."

Mamma Mia originally opened in London back in 1999, landing on Broadway in 2001. All these years later, the show still gets audiences swept up in its pleasing tunes. And, there's extra emotion from fans and the cast knowing the musical is in its last swansong.

"We're part of a stepping stone in an echelon of Abba," said Dustin Harris Smith, also an actor in the show. "It's really cool to be part of the Abba franchise if you will. It does mean a lot."

Markson agrees.

"It's really cool," she said. "It's been around for so long. It will still be around, but this version won't be around in North America. So people have such vivid memories tied with either the show itself, seeing it on Broadway 15 years ago with their mom or the Abba music itself. So, when they know it's their last chance to see it, I think you can tell with the energy in the audience and it's really cool to be part of that."

Both Markson and Smith hope the show will get audiences on their feet.

"I want them to have two hours of fun," explained Markson. "And forget everything else except for smiling and enjoying the show."

"To go into the show, forget everything you had going before," continued Smith. "Be really involved in the show. And at the end, I want them to be dancing on their feet. If they're in the aisles dancing and singing, then we've done our jobs. That's honestly my favorite part of the show is at the end to see the smiling faces of them all."

Mamma Mia is playing at the Paramount through Sunday, April 2. Check here for tickets.