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ENCORE! - A one-hour musical television special, Encore!, will premiere on The ABC Television Network, SUNDAY, DEC. 10 (ABC/Matt Petit) <p></p>

Kristen Bell has local reprise her high school role in 'Into The Woods' - 20 years later

High school theater geeks, this one's for you! Have you ever wanted to go back to the glory days and reprise the role you played in your high school musical? Well a new ABC reality show called "Encore!" gives 30-somethings that chance!

Actress Kristen Bell reunites the cast of a high school musical and asks them to perform it again - twenty years later. Each former student reprises their role from their original production of Stephen Sondheim and James LaPine’s Tony-winning musical, “Into the Woods” under the guidance of Broadway directors, choreographers and voice coaches.

One of the cast members is a Seattle flight attendant named Carrie Comerford, who played the role of Rapunzel back in 1997.

"I was freaking out externally and internally," Comerford said. "We were just told that a group of us were getting together from my high school theater in Southern California and maybe we will be performing something. Before we knew it, Kristen Bell showed up and we are being told that we are doing 'Into the Woods' again."

The cast had one week to pull off 'Into The Woods' in their original roles and cameras captured all the action. So how did it go? You'll have to watch Encore! on Sunday, December 10th on KOMO4 at 10 p.m. PST.