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KIWI Crate (Photo Credit: Kiwi Co)

Kiwi Co to the Rescue for Cooped Up Kids

Feeling cooped up? Kiwi Co, formerly Kiwi Crate, is the STEAM-infused fun kids of all ages will go bonkers for.

Even pre-quarantine, who doesn’t enjoy receiving a surprise in the mail? Even better, a surprise that launches hours of building, creating, problem-solving, and imagination?

Kiwi Co’s boxes - called crates - are available for all age, literally infants to adults.

  • The Panda Crate is for little ones up to age 2,
  • The Koala Crate is for preschoolers and focuses on play and learning
  • The Kiwi Crate is geared towards ages 5-8 and it features a mix of science and art
  • The Atlas Crate for ages 6-11 is all about geography and culture
  • The Doodle and Tinker Crates are for upper elementary through high school which focus on creating/crafting and science/engineering, respectively.

Kiwi Co knows that grown-ups love this kind of thing just as much as their kid counterparts. That’s why they began offering the Maker and Eureka Crates for ages 14-104 which takes the Doodle and Tinker Crates up a notch, making them appropriate for advanced kids and grown up creators and innovators.

Our family has tried out both the Koala and Kiwi Crates over the years and the day our crates arrived it felt like Christmas. Yes, even in the springtime.

The anticipation! The surprise! The fun!

My kids jumped for joy as they opened mail addresses to them - that alone was exciting. Then, to find out that they got to be the creators/inventors/builders of an activity made just for them? Holy moly!

For a full hour there was peace and quiet, scattered with whoops of success and laughter too, but all in all it was an hour (sometimes longer!) where I took a deep breath and watched the magic of hands-on learning fill my home.

Kiwi Co. has really put forth a commendable effort in giving kids an opportunity to take ownership of a project. The outcome is excellent and it’s beyond convenient that everything you need is delivered to you. No running to the store, no digging into the depths of a craft closet. Kiwi Co encourages a tinkering mindset and provides an opportunity for parents (or grandparents) and kids to connect and learn together.

Who’s ready to kick off the Kiwi life? If you feel like Kiwi Co’s offerings would be a good fit for your days at home (the answer is 100% yes!), here’s how to get started:

  • Pick a line. You can read more about each here.
  • Choose a delivery schedule.
  • Dive into amazing science and art-based projects as soon as your crate arrives.

In each crate expect an age-appropriate, innovative project with kid-friendly instructions. I’m not too shabby at coming up with fun projects for my kids, but Kiwi Co always delivers a wow factor. Each crate also includes explore! Magazine (aren’t kid-inspired mags the best?) and additional online DIY ideas. Pretty much, it’s a mail delivery of fun that keeps kids learning and playing all month long just in time for a fresh crate to arrive the following month if you choose to keep your subscription going.

If you’re new to Kiwi Co. you can save 30% off your first month by joining the Kiwi Co newsletter. All boxes ship free and you can cancel subscriptions at any time. Easy peasy. Tons of fun!