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Who let the dogs out?! (Image courtesy of Kitsap Human Society / Adobe Stock).

Kitsap Humane Society invites public to take dogs on outings and sleepovers

Who let the dogs out? KITSAP HUMANE SOCIETY, THAT'S WHO!

Well not technically - but they ARE inviting the public to take dogs on family outings and even take them home for sleepovers!

It's all part of this new program called Kickin’ it with K9s, where community members can give dogs a chance to live a normal life. Going to the beach, other dog friendly locations and even to a night out in a loving home so the dogs can get a break from shelter life.

“I’m so excited about the opportunities this provides for our shelter dogs to just go out and do normal dog stuff, like hanging out with people on walks, or laying around on the couch,” said Sarah Moody-Cook, KHS Director of Animal Welfare. “But I’m most excited about the opportunity this provides for animal lovers in our community to partner with us in caring for shelter dogs.”

The KHS program launches on Sunday, May 26 at 9 a.m. for orientations and daytime field trips until noon, when the shelter opens to the public and dogs are needed back on campus to meet with potential adopters. Animal lovers who wish to take a dog on a sleepover can attend an afternoon orientation and take a dog home that evening.

Yaaaaay! We love this! Learn more at Kitsap Humane Society's website.