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Created by yoga instructors Jess Fleming and Dawn Hood, Just Add Yoga combines yoga and beer (or cider in some cases). (Image: Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

"Just Add Yoga": Relieve Stress, Share a Beer, Make New Friends

Want to try out yoga, but intimidated by the idea of bending into a pretzel while attempting to find your inner peace? You're not alone.

Enter Just Add Yoga. Created by yoga instructors Jess Fleming and Dawn Hood, Just Add Yoga combines yoga and beer (or cider in some cases). You'll not only get a great workout, but afterwards share a drink with your fellow yogis, and maybe even make a few new friends. What Seattle Freeze?

The idea to combine vinyasa flow with a cold brew came to them after becoming friends through a yoga teacher training. They bonded over their love of the practice, and of course, beer.

"We would get together for a beer and chat about the yoga world and our love for teaching. We were always brainstorming business ideas to bring a sense of community and inclusion to our teaching. One day it just hit us, why not combine the social atmosphere of beer with yoga," Dawn said.

Every event features a workout set in a local brewery or bar. There, participants can partake in a judgement free yoga class. The practice is open level, so you're able to decide how far you want to push yourself.

While I definitely broke into a sweat during the class, I never felt intimidated. My fellow yogis seemed to be a nice mix of beginners and "yoga experts." You won't even have to know any complicated yoga speak. For example, at the end of the class I took, instead of closing with the traditional "Namaste," Dawn closed with a simple "cheers."

"Our slogan is 'introducing people to yoga one beer at a time.' We program our classes to truly be an all levels class," Dawn said. "That does not mean it's easy, but it is easy to follow and not feel lost."

Just Add Yoga had their first event last December, and since have held yoga practices all over the city. Hellbent Brewing, Lucky Envelope, Spinnaker Bay, and Traveler Montlake were just a few of the places people were able to seal their practice with a beverage.

Classes fill up quick, with most capping at 20 to 30 people. Each event costs $25, and includes a drink with purchase. Not a big drinker? You purchase the yoga class separately for $20.

Dawn's advice for newcomers? "Be ready to have a good time and not take yourself to seriously. We are all about being yourself, laughing, and enjoying the practice and the amazing people around us."

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