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According to the Huffington Post, and everyone who lives here, Seattle "wins at life." (Image: KOMO News)

It's official: Seattle is winning 2014

Locals know how great Seattle is. And if you don't live here but have visited (especially during the summer), you're probably a fan as well. But most people in the U.S. who haven't been to and don't live in Seattle just don't get it.

Ask them about Seattle and odds are you'll get some mumbo jumbo about coffee, tech nerds, rain, and weed. Ok - those things may all be true and apply, but they're usually accompanied by an eye roll.

Well GUESS WHAT. The Huffington Post has written a great piece on 36 reasons why Seattle is winning 2014. And it's not just because of the Super Bowl.

Here are a couple of our favorite reasons they gave:

#3: "Seattleites welcome people of every race, creed, and belief system."

#5: "If you're from Seattle, you're probably not afraid to get naked."

#17: "Seattle-area residents are 46 percent more likely to do yoga than the general population."

Read the other 33 reasons this excellent article gives for why our city is awesome. And revel in the glory of finally being recognized.