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Lily Hevesh swung by the Emerald City earlier this month to construct a masterpiece. But Hevesh's artistic medium isn't paint, or pen - it's dominos! Yes, you heard that right - Hevesh is a professional Domino Artist, who produces weekly videos on her YouTube channel (which currently has over 300 million total views and 1,000,000 subscribers). In fact, she just happens to be the #1 most subscribed Domino Artist in the world! Washington's Lottery brought the artist into town to create a custom piece for their "Who Benefits" campaign. The idea here? It’s a domino effect, when you play Washington’s Lottery, it benefits the entire state. (Image: Sunita Martini / Seattle Refined)

It's the domino effect, when you play Washington's Lottery, everybody wins

When you play the lottery, you get the excitement of letting your mind wander, imagining all the things you would do with your winnings. If you don't win, you might feel a twinge of sadness if you miss out on the jackpot and realize that you'll have to keep your day job, at least for now.

But with Washington's Lottery, your dollar can do some pretty incredible things.

You see, it all starts with your dollar. When you play Washington's Lottery, the benefits are felt statewide. In addition to the players who took home $422.5 million last year, the Lottery helps fund and support people and communities all over the state. Meaning every ticket is a winning ticket for the state.

On top of that take-home amount, $127 million went to education programs. This means your dollar helped grant a scholarship to a student who otherwise couldn't afford college tuition. Local retailers received $34 million, which further stimulates local businesses and creates jobs. And over $12 million went to stadiums and exhibition centers across the state, fueling a community that's proud of where they live.

To showcase this trickle-down effect, the Lottery brought in Domino artist extraordinaire and YouTube sensation Lily Hevesh. As a professional Domino artist, Hevesh used her skill and artistry to illustrate just how far the funds from a Lottery ticket can go. (You can see the full video here).

Just like the ripple effect of dominos falling, the sale of each Lottery ticket benefits the beautiful Evergreen state. Your dollar is not only your shot at a fortune but a contribution to the state that you call home.

The Washington Lottery is proud to contribute to the people, community, and organizations that make our state so great. To learn more, visit