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It Was the Dogs’ Days of Summer at the Fremont Fair

Just Right by Purina celebrated the unique personality of every pup at the annual summer kick-off.

This past weekend at the Fremont Fair, thousands of dogs and their families stopped by to visit Just Right by Purina and left with one-of-a-kind GIFs and caricatures that captured their uniqueness. And the celebration didn’t stop there – Sunday’s Just Right by Purina Dog Parade featured our four-legged friends marching with their human counterparts through the fairgrounds. Led by Seattle’s Blue Thunder drum line, each pup proudly dressed up and strutted his stuff.

Even though the Fair may be over, you can still continue to celebrate all the things that make your dog one-of-a-kind by giving him his own personalized blend of food every day of the year.

Just Right by Purina combines your knowledge of your pup with their nutritional expertise to create a personalized blend tailored just for him. It starts with dog owners going online and answering questions about your dog’s eating habits, activity level, stool consistency and more to create his ideal blend. Then, the blend ships to your door for free in 6-lb bags complete with your dog’s name, photo and custom feeding recommendation.

So, whether your four-legged friend has special nutritional needs or you just want a natural and personalized blend for him, Just Right is a great solution.

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