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Arie?'s search for love gets off to a fast start with back-to-back one-on-one dates with Becca K. and Krystal. (ABC/Paul Hebert) 

Is Arie engaged? We straight up asked him

The new Bachelor Arie Luyendyk, Jr. is a complete mystery to me. Not only do I know very little about him (I did not watch his season with Emily several years ago), but one episode into the season and I don't really feel like I know that much about his personality. I'm sure that will come as we get deeper into the dramatic season, but I couldn't wait. I called up Arie and said, "Look - you have to talk to me about this season and help the viewers and readers of Seattle Refined get to know you better". And he hemmed and hawwed, and then agreed.

Just kidding, I wish I was that important.

In reality, I got four minutes with him via satellite on his national media tour - and I was ecstatic and said "please" and "thank you". But I did get some of the most important questions we all want to know about in! Full clip is above.

Seattle Refined: First and foremost, I want to know about The Call. You're minding your own business, washing your race car, when you get THE CALL that asks you to be The Bachelor...
Arie: Yeah, it wasn't exactly like that...[laughs]. You know, I keep in touch with the producers, and one producer in particular, a good friend of mine, he calls me every year - he actually calls me a couple times a year - to ask me if I'm open to the idea of it. We've talked in years past about doing it, and it's been so many years that I've kind of brushed it off like 'Ok, yeah - I'm sure'. And then we had a meeting with the executives and then a few days later I was announced!

We've only seen one episode so far of this season, but it seems like age may play a huge factor in your relationships this season. In fact, some of the woman are over a decade younger than you! Does that matter to you when you're picking a potential partner?
No, I mean - obviously I'm 36 years old - but I've dated younger, I've dated older, and I think it's more about maturity. It's more about, you know, being ready to be married and having that as the next step in your life. So that didn't really become a factor to me, and I think maybe - you know, some of the contestants are a little bit younger - and that's kind of addressed later in the season. But, it makes it interesting.

Let's play a rapid fire Get To Know Arie game! Answer the first thing that come to your mind when I ask these questions.
If I can do it, sure. I'll answer it if I can.

What's your favorite color?

Who is your favorite sports team?

Crunchy or Creamy Peanut Butter?

Who did you propose to?

Darnit! I had to try. But all joking aside, did you find love on this season?
Yeah! You know, that was a concern of mine, obviously. But, you know, after that first evening - I had 29 incredible women, and I was blown away. There were so many beautiful, intelligent, very established women that first evening, and it was really cool to get to know them, and after that night I knew there could be a huge potential for love. And I did fall in love.

Are you engaged right now?
I can't answer that. But you will see. Time will tell.

That Arie...he's a smooth operator. Nothing gets by him, not even my highly intelligent and intricate games to get him to spill the goods!

The Bachelor airs on KOMO 4 Mondays at 8 p.m. PST.