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If you liked 'Lost', ABC's new show 'The Crossing' may be right up your alley


I traveled up to Vancouver, BC and spent a day on the set of ABC's show "The Crossing" months ago - and have had to wait and wait and wait to tell you guys about it until it premiered. Well GUESS WHAT. That is today (April 2nd!).

Besides having a great Craft Services section and a wonderfully friendly cast and crew, the plot of 'The Crossing' is kind of like 'Lost' meets 'X-Files'.

Jude Ellis is the sheriff of Port Canaan, a small fishing town on the Oregon coast. Having relocated from Oakland to escape a strained marriage and a dark past as a big city cop, his goal is to build a quiet new life for himself and for, eventually, his young son. But those plans for a quiet life change instantly when 47 refugees from a war-torn country wash up on his beach seeking asylum. But the country they're from is America and the war they're fleeing is 180 years in the future.

Intriguing, right? We think so too. Watch above for a roundup of my interviews with Steve Zahn, Natalie Martinez, Marcuis W. Harris, Simone Kessel, and Kelley Missal.

The Crossing premieres April 2, 2018 and airs weekly on KOMO 4 at 10 / 9 central.