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It's Gonzaga! (Image courtesy of Getty Images)<p></p>

If you attended this WA university, you have a higher chance of scoring a job

As a recent graduate of the University of Washington, I find this article to be extremely OFFENSIVE.

But my editor gave me an assignment, and gosh darn it I'm a professional and will deliver.

According to an article posted by Thrillist, if you are a graduate of Gonzaga University, you are more likely to score a job in Washington.

Sooo - go bulldogs - I guess?

Kidding, kidding - I have friends who went to Gonzaga and absolutely loved it. Thrillist used Zippia as their main source, who consulted the U.S. Department of Education's 2017/2018 College Scoreboard to identify the colleges whose grads have the best record when it comes to finding employment within the first decade after graduation.

While Gonzaga is Washington's #1 with an employment rate of 91.73%, the national stats are also pretty fascinating:

Connecticut's Quinnipiac University has the best overall graduate employment rate in the country with a 96.1%, followed by South Dakota's Augustana University (96.05%), with Ohio Northern University ranking third (95.86%)

Learn more on Thrillist's website and #GoDawgs (sorry, I was doing so well).