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Lorde is making a quick pit stop in Seattle for Amazon's annual holiday party. (Image courtesy of Sakura/<p></p>

Praise the Lorde: She's performing at Amazon's annual holiday party tonight

It's been confirmed.

First, from my mother who told me over coffee this morning. Second, from a coworker whose spouse works at Amazon and LASTLY - from Geekwire.

Lorde is coming to Seattle (CenturyLink Field in particular) to perform at Amazon's annual holiday party tonight, January 19.

I'm not jealous, YOU'RE jealous.

I mean, at my company holiday party we kinda had a similar thing. We played music off a coworker's Spotify account (shoutout to Erin W. though, great playlist).

According to Geekwire, Amazon is expecting close to 40,000 attendees at the party, which has a "Flashback Friday" theme.

There will be a silent disco, "The Price is Right" interactive game (which will donate to charity), Rockaraoke and throwback food items.

If you didn't have me at Lorde - you NOW have me with throwback food items. I'm so curious as to what these will be - if anyone out there attends please live tweet me photos from the scene (@genawynkoop). *Find an update about this topic at the end of this article*

I digress.

To everyone attending tonight, have a blast - and don't forget us mere peasants who have to listen to our music via the internet. Once, you were like us.

*Okay so within minutes after this article was posted, I got a snap shot sent to me of the entire menu. There are seven different food "venues" if you will, with ALL OF THE FOODS. I'm talking Mac & Cheese, Mini Donuts, Chicken & Waffles, Veggie Dogs in Blankets, and LOADS more. I love the internet. Aaaaand GOODNIGHT, Seattle.