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How to overcome mental roadblocks on a weight loss plan

For many people, trying to slim down can be stressful. Most diet plans and weight loss companies focus strictly on food and exercise—but finding and keeping a diet mentality and fighting the anxiety that comes with losing weight can be more difficult than simply swapping out your snacks!

Research shows that most dieters quit their plan within the first week (just 20 percent make it to the three-month mark). But Evolve180, a weight loss studio in Bellevue, is working to change those statistics with a proven and personalized weight loss program, a maintenance plan, and most importantly, expert coaching and counseling sessions to help you crush any and all doubt.

Sherene Kershner, the owner and founder of Evolve180, says these are the top three mental challenges people face when trying to lose weight:

  1. Forgetting why you started. Facing momentary temptation (one cookie won't hurt) can challenge you to forget why you started the weight loss journey in the first place.
  2. Changing old habits. There's no doubt that change is difficult, especially when you've been set in your ways for a while or you try to overhaul everything at once.
  3. Going against the grain. Many people say social pressure is one of the hardest things to resist – how can you say no to a cocktail at happy hour or your best friend's birthday cake? Nobody wants to be a party pooper.

So, what's Kershner's solution to these roadblocks? Accountability, the measurement of tangible results, and the reinforcement of WHY you are working so hard to build a new reality for yourself. And coaching is crucial—especially when it comes to peer pressure.

"People need to realize that belonging is a primary drive and take steps to protect themselves against social backsliding. It's human. It's innocent. But it's insidious and an absolute weight loss killer," she says. "There are ways to stay strong amidst tempting friends, and even influence friends and family for the better, but it takes intention, practice, and coaching."

And because alcohol is front and center at many celebrations and social settings, many of Kershner's clients also consider cutting out the cocktails to be a challenge.

"Alcohol doesn't have to be an addiction to create problems for someone on their weight loss journey," Kershner says. "Alcohol is embedded in celebrations of all kinds in our society. It makes social situations easier, physically relaxes people, and drinking together creates a sense of belonging. There is a stigma against abstaining that implies you are not 'fun' or are a 'party pooper.'"

Kershner says that Evolve 180 plan doesn't restrict alcohol completely, but you can't drink frequently without consequences. "We teach our clients to evaluate their individual tolerance to add alcohol—as well as how often and how much can reasonably be added," she says.

"It takes common sense and a willingness to be honest with one's self. Strong limits for yourself and the ability to stop before thinking becomes clouded is crucial."

The expert coaches at Evolve180 will push you to keep your head held high, stay strong in tough situations, and most importantly, remember your why.

Evolve180 is a weight loss studio in Bellevue. Their customized weight loss solutions help you slim down in a way that works with your body and your life. Visit or call 425-442-5626 to learn more.