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Seattle Goodwill's DIY Guy, Gary Foy, spills his secrets for organizing the pantry with finds from Goodwill. Plus how to make DIY labels. (Image: Joshua Lewis/Seattle Goodwill).<p></p>

How to organize your pantry with great deals from Goodwill

If getting organized is on your to-do list, Seattle Goodwill is a great place to start. We caught up with Goodwill's DIY Guy and organizing guru Gary Foy for some tips and techniques on organizing your pantry and this a cool one-- how to DIY your own labels!

No pantry? No problem! Start with an armoire and some chalkboard paint!

Make Your Own Pantry

  • Buy an armoire, plastic containers, risers, file caddy and dividers at Goodwill and grab some chalkboard paint.
  • Paint the armoire with chalkboard paint.
  • Add containers, risers, file caddy, dividers and more to organize cereal, pasta. spices, lids and more.
  • Place DIY labels to organize.

DIY Labels

  • Buy containers and plastic organizers at Goodwill. You'll also need scissors, a small bowl of water, packing tape, an old plastic card (library card or credit card) and computer paper.
  • Using your home computer, type out words (you can adjust typeface and size to fit your containers or organizer) and print out.
  • Cut the words out and then cut a strip of packing tape to match the size.
  • Put the tape down on a table on the edge and press onto word.
  • Use plastic card to affix letters to stick to tape.
  • Cut the ends of the tape and place them in the bowl of water. Let them sit in the water a few minutes and then start rubbing the paper off (the paper will come off but the letters will stay on).
  • Remove the tape from water and let them completely dry (the stickiness will come back).
  • Apply to containers and organizers.