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By giving members an accurate reading of their fitness levels and taking unique goals and dispositions into consideration, coaches at Decater Fitness set them up for success.

How to make your fitness mission one you’ll see through

“The only thing that matters in achieving fitness results,” Derek Decater advises, “is adherence.”

And he should know. After spending his youth playing baseball and eventually becoming and elite college player, Derek worked in physical therapy and studied exercise and nutrition extensively. All told, he has a vast amount of knowledge and experience that can benefit both serious athletes and regular people with serious fitness goals.

Read on to learn about the approach Derek and his team use at his gym, Decater Fitness.

The big test

Every member of Decater Fitness gets an initial fitness consultation to inform their training. It has multiple components, and the information from each contributes essentially to the final plan. During the consultation, the coaches:

  • Talk to you about your fitness goals to uncover your underlying motives
  • Conduct a thorough physical assessment to identify strengths and opportunities
  • Perform a body composition scan to measure fat, muscle and water content
  • Administer a personality test

Don’t worry, your coach doesn’t care whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. The personality analysis helps trainers identify what motivates you and what kind of program will keep you engaged, active and moving toward your goal.

By giving members an accurate reading of their fitness levels and taking unique goals and dispositions into consideration, coaches at Decater Fitness set them up for success.

Three levels of consultation

After the initial consultation, you can choose one of three levels of membership:

  • Group, which gets you access to group training classes five days per week
  • Semi-private, which gets you a personalized workout plan you can do with coach oversight while others in your small group do their personalized plans
  • Private training, which means one-on-one training five days per week with your coach

Group classes are offered several times each day and are a great way to increase your fitness level. Derek explains how a precise rotation of metabolic and strength training exercises combines intervals, strength and conditioning work to help people see results. The classes are beloved by marathoners and triathletes as well as regular people who are serious about getting stronger, losing fat and gaining muscle.

Semi-private training is a smart way to get a customized workout for less than you’d pay for one-on-one training. The coach will still provide guidance, consult with you to identify challenges, modify your training routines and actively monitor your progress, but you won’t get complete attention constantly throughout your sessions.

The main benefit of Private training is that there’s lots of time for communication. During your sessions, your coach can focus only on you, helping you perfect your form and listening to learn about any challenges you’re facing. This extreme attentiveness gives your coach insights that will help them adjust your routine to keep your mind engaged and keep the gains coming!

Call in the experts

Another great thing about Decater Fitness is that you’re not forced to rely on people with questionable expertise. After his stint as a college baseball standout, Derek worked at a Physical Therapy clinic for several years and earned a number of certifications including

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCSs)
  • Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1 Coach
  • Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 Training
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certification

He’s also been recognized as one of World Fitness Elite’s Trainers of the Year.

Unleashing potential

Derek loves helping his clients achieve their goals and find new ones. He describes how one client “wanted to climb Mt. Rainier, so we trained him and he climbed Mt. Rainier and then we talked about what was next.” Because life is always changing, Derek’s clients’ fitness goals are always changing and his team is constantly adjusting their workouts.

“We don’t have a lot of coaches – there are four of us – and we’re at the gym every day, we know all of the members. We’re accepting and we’re really trying to help people find a home for their fitness,” Derek says – “and a place where they can come to consistently improve.”

To get a taste of Decater-style training, watch this video that explains the core tenets of the group training classes or watch Derek’s top 25 Slideboard Exercises. To learn more about membership levels and programs, visit