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DirtFish Rally School is an adventure experience that turns ordinary people into race car drivers even if just for one day. Photo Credit: William Howard

How To Become a Race Car Driver in One Day

Want a good excuse to speed, other than just running late to work?
DirtFish Rally School is an adventure experience that turns ordinary people into race car drivers even if just for one day. Whether you love to drive fast or are just bad at driving, this school makes learning how to drive, speed and spin out too much fun.
Despite my feminine style and love of beauty products, I am actually a car enthusiast and have had a speeding ticket or two (or more) in my time. After watching the Fast & Furious 7, I thought I would channel my inner Vin Diesel at DirtFish.
I wasn't the only girl interested in the class, and even more surprising; I was more experienced in driving than some of the guys.
Trevor Wert, the marketing and media director, said that over 10 percent of guests are women and the only requirement to join is you need to know how to drive a car.
"You don't have to be a car enthusiast to have a good time here at DirtFish. The ideal customer is anyone who likes to go fast and have fun, as well as increase their driving ability immensely!" Wert explained. Even if you're just looking for a random adventure the class teaches skills to help drive yourself out of a potentially bad situation on the road.
Rally car racing is considered race car driving, but there are some differences. One of the main differences is that in rally school you're racing production (aka normal) street cars that have been modified.
"A saying in the rally community is: Rally is real cars on real roads going real fast!" Wert exclaimed.
Another thing that happens real quick is being put on the courses with an instructor. After a quick 30 minute class on the basics of racing, the class is led out the 315 acres of land filled with outdoor pits and tracks.
Helmet on and heart racing, an instructor teaches you how to speed up, spin out and brake around turns. Dodging cones and avoiding ditches, participants are told moment by moment what to do to keep control of their car.
This worked well, unless you don't fully listen like I accidentally did. Making a new little trail off course and taking out orange cones, the instructor kept calm and guided me back to where I was supposed to be headed. Patient with my errors, I can honestly say I think I became a better driver afterwards.
Whether you're a guy or a girl, only know how to drive an automatic or love to race, I would suggest checking out how to be a race car driver for a day.