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Hey Good Lookin'! KOMO's Morgan Chesky makes 'Hottest News Anchors' list

Some people get into the noble profession of journalism to bring people the truth. They work tirelessly, sometimes battling awful schedules and low pay, to tell the stories our communities need to hear.

And sometimes those people are really, really, ridiculously good looking.

Buzzfeed's '50 Hottest News Anchors in the World' list was just published, and KOMO's very own anchor Morgan Chesky nabbed the #10 slot.

"Happened to be downtown sipping an Americano (which per Buzzfeed, I love to do) when my phone started blowing up," said Morgan, on finding out about his win. "I couldn't help but crack up when I saw the picture for two reasons. One, because it took me back to one of my favorite moments when I backpacked through Vietnam. Two, because whomever dug it up and submitted had to do some SERIOUS investigative journalism/Instagram digging."

Or maybe they just lost track of time scrolling through your feed, M! After all - it's pretty impressive. Morgan has only been in Seattle for a year, but from his social media accounts he seems like a natural PNW fit. The native Texan hikes, loves the outdoors and has a great appreciation for coffee.

So what does this prestigious title mean for an already award-winning journalist?

"The best part was hearing (mostly jokes) from quite a few high school and college amigos I hadn't connected with in a while," he said. "A buddy asked me if I have plans to break into the top 5. If that means giving up pizza for better abs, hard pass. 10 fits just fine."

Sounds like our guy has his [pretty] head on straight. Priorities!

In the meantime, Morgan is going to continue to bring you the news of the day, along with the rest of the outstanding KOMO family weekdays at 3:30, 6 and 11.

And we'll be over here comforting our TV host Gaard Swanson, assuring him that the 'Hottest Lifestyle Hosts' lists is likely dropping any day now.

Need more convincing? Check the gallery for more snaps of Morgan. Enjoy! *insert winky face*