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<p>These trailers look classic, but they're completely modern... hand crafted at their work space in Kirkland.</p>

Home Grown Trailers are the perfect mix of tiny home and treehouse

A local company is helping adventurous folks explore the outdoors in style. It all came from an idea Corey Weathers had while camping with his wife and kids.

"We'd been camping over in eastern Washington and camping with kids and as a lot of people know, always a little bit challenging, and after the trip realized there was a need for something more that just a tent," he said. "And, so we started looking at travel trailers and couldn't really find what we liked."

Then the idea came to him!

"We were at the Washington State Fair, and my daughter came out of a travel trailer that we were looking at and said 'Daddy, why don't we build a tree house in wheels?'" Corey explained. "That was the inspiration moment. And, we said can we build something that looks like a tree house and has the functionality of a tiny house but meets the requirements of a travel trailer."

Starting from a simple drawing, the family went to work building their own teardrop trailer. Once they hit the highway with their creation, Corey realized this family project was also a fabulous business idea... and Home Grown Trailers was born. They're artisan and sustainable travel trailers available both to buy and to rent.

These trailers look classic, but they're completely modern... hand-crafted at their workspace in Kirkland.

"We use a natural western red cedar," Corey said. "Fits in into a natural environment better and we wanted to use renewable materials."

They also use renewable energy like solar power, have running water and so much more. We asked Corey if he would take us on a mini-camping trip. and show us all the features... and he did! The interior felt downright spacious.

"We've taken out walls that you'd find in a typical RV and we've left it very open and comfortable and inviting," Corey explained. "We have 23 1/2 gallons of water including hot water back here we have an induction cook top which allows you to cook a variety of meals, two burners, a refrigerator, great storage, lots of drawers and cabinet space for storing a variety of items."

And, one of the most beautiful aspects of the trailer is the shower.

"We actually use all of the leftover material from our production process to build these panels to line the shower," Corey continued.

That's totally full-circle scrap wood from building the trailer, put to go use. Just about everything gets recycled. There's even a composting toilet. The sleeping arrangements can also be customized.

"There are a couple of configurations we have it set up with, including a queen bed and twin bunks. We also take out that top bunk and can built it as a dinette."

These trailers are all the comforts of home on wheels. Next time you have an itch to hit the highway, you may want to check out Home Grown Trailers to ride in style... sustainably.